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Vintage Surf meet 2018 coming soon !
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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Registration stickers

In the mid 60s the local councils decided that all surfers should have third party insurance ( quite a good idea in the pre leash days ). This was supposed to be compulsory, hence the sticker for lifeguards to check. It was soon found to be unworkable and became a voluntary thing, later abandoned altogether by the mid 90s. Although they were probably a hassle at the time, its great to have them on the boards now, giving a bit of history of when and where they were surfed, and they look quite nice too. Above is an early Newquay registration , no 10 on a mid 60s Bilbo longboard, my first vintage board.
Heres a Bilbo fin from Grahams 1970 Hendy and Harber, and below the original registration form for that board.

Early Tris singlfin.

Bilbo , late 60s.

Bilbo late 60s.

Mid 70s Haven.


  1. I have just been given a board by a friend with 4 or 5 Cornwall Malibu board registration stickers on from the 80's/90's, the board is just a pop-up Circle One (Jeff Townsley). Are the stickers worth keeping or are they collectable?

  2. i have also just been given a board with on of these stickers. do you know if theres any way of finding out a bit more about the board through the registration number? The shapers signature has faded so im trying to find out who made it. cheers

  3. hi you might be able to find out who owned the board if the paperwork at the council still exists, which I'm pretty sure it won't any more. To find out who shaped it you probably need to send photos to someone in the know. cheers Al