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Above photo - copyright Rennie Ellis photographer archive

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Tris twinnie by Martin Wright

Martin Wright was a hot St Agnes surfer shaper and worked for Tris and Hot Stuff. He won the Open British title in 1982 and the British juniors in 1977. This is one of his twin fin with finbox shapes from the early 80s, its 6'1 x 19 3/4.

Martin Wright at Porthleven circa '83, a great shot by Alex Williams.


  1. I've just started surfing over last year or two, yesterday went into a surf shop and they asked me my name 'Martin Wright' I replied! All the surfer dudes turned round and one said 'Any relation to THE Martin Wright' 'errrrr... no!' I hadnt realised there was a famous surfer of the same name!!!

  2. funny to see this - I did the deckle design for the MW board when I was a design student in Cornwall - this wad before the days of macs and was all hand drawn - a lot of effort.

  3. hi Charlotte, your design is saved for prosterity. Worth all the work