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Above photo - copyright Rennie Ellis photographer archive

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Hot Generation twin fin by Ian Thompson ,north Cornwall

 Hot Generation boards are a pretty rare sight today. They were shaped by Ian Thompson , at a factory at the Old Airfield, St Merryn near Padstow  (site of Jolly Good surfboards and Fluid Juice surfboards amongst others) and this bat-tail twin fin dates to around 1981. Before starting Hot Generation, Ian worked for G&S . The shape of this harks back to the Mark Richards twin fin , the design then tweaked by G&S head shaper Robin Prodanovich , which inspired Ian when he worked there to bring out his own shapes . This board is a great shape for UK waves , 6ft x a wide 21 1/2 , will keep speed over less perfect sections of waves . The fins are G&S star fins , with UK fins made by Pete Crab in South Wales. Amazingly enough Alex Williams took some photos of this board when it was brand new - see below . Alex was friends with Ian and did some photo shoots for Hot Generation publicity.

 Shots of this board when it was brand new circa 1981 ! Thanks to Alex Williams for digging out his old photos !

 Gleaming brand new twin fins , Ian is on the right I think. The mags are from 1981.

 On the fins is written Pete Crab star systems . I reckon these were the original fins for the board, so UK made not US imports.

 Hot Generation publicity shots, very early 80s , photos by Alex.  Beautiful shapes and sprays.

Friday, 27 November 2015

1970s Tris bellyboard

 This is a very rare Tris bellyboard which Ryan brought to the surf meet in September. Its so rare I think Tris only made two, a custom order for a pair of brothers in the mid 70s. I don't think the whereabouts of the other one is known. Its a beautiful little board and looks fun in the right waves. Lots of volume up front and slightly scooped out deck . Unusual that it has a quite thick wooden fin but I guess they wanted to put something robust on there. The board is in great condition, still nice an light, and has been hanging up in a Cornish cafe for years !

Ryan with the board at the September surf meet

A nice pair at the Tris shop , artwork and photo by Neil Wernham
Above - Johnny Manetta ,  below a rack of rare airbrushed Tris from way back in the 70s. Unusual Tris logo on them. Neil's artwork was out there - very creative and technically brilliant.

Another 70s UK boardmaker known for great artwork was Tigger Newling's Jolly Good label , with artwork by Nancy Dinmore, glassed by Tris. Above is a Jolly Good . These are super rare today though.
 This gorgeous Tris fish turned up on ebay a couple of months ago. Unbelievable condition, made around 1974 and 6ft long . Nice rainbow fin too which has featured on a few Tris of this era.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Museum of British Surfing surf meet

 Great weekend at the museum of British Surfing . Thanks to Ryan Maddocks for organising the film night on saturday. The Surf meet and auction on sunday was busy and had a great friendly vibe. Thanks to Maggie Gladwell, Tony and Pat Cope, Kevin Cook and all the other volunteers for making such a big contribution to the day . The boards as ever were fantastic.
 Rare wave graffiti paipo
 Auctioneers for the day Tony and Kevin
 Rare Tiki v bottom

 Stunning space man spray on one of Henry's boards
 The fantastic and hard working tea ladies.
 Ryan ,Matt and Martin
 Martin's longboarder sculpture which sold within minutes

 In the auction room. There were 21 lots with some good sales, although sales suffered because of high reserves.

 Busy day at the museum, lovely boards everywhere
 Rare and quirky Tris bellyboad caught everyones eye
 70s pinball in the museum

 Some of Shaun's ever growing collection of airbrushed boards including an incredible Space Gypsy restoration by Stuart Dykes, see above and below -

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Surfboard auction catalogue

Here is a link to the catalogue for this sunday's board auction -