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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Readers' boards part 1

 Thanks to everyone who has been sending in photos of their boards ! Heres a few from the 70s, and there are plenty more I'll put on next week .
 This is Matt's Bilbo, a gunny early 70s shape, a really sleek and elegant little board , 6ft 2 x 19.5 . Great condition too, and I like the understated 'B' logo.

 Here's some pure filth ! Under the grime is a near perfect Tris, a classic looking shape from the mid 70s with wooden fin. Tim says the board has been in Cambridge since 1984 , living on the wall of a prefab garage . So thats 30 years worth of dust !

 Kate sent in pics of her rare Elliot and Beard from the very early 70s. The Beard is Mervyn Beard who shaped for Tiki in the late 60s and went on to found Chapter surfboards . The board was made up in north Devon.

 This board belonged to Kien's dad, who lived in Braunton in the 70s and bought it off a local surfer . Its one of the classic but ill fated early 70s twin fins, made by Tiki around 1972 . Check out the tiny slim fins.
 And here's a US version of the twin fin from the early 70s, owned by Toby , who had it appraised and was told it dated to 1983 ! It is of course a lot earlier than that. Made by Gordon and Smith.

 Here's quite a rare British board , shaped by Aussie John Hall, glassed by Alan Neighbour , for the Summer Haze label. Nice twin stringer which was given to Oscar by his grandfather a couple of years ago. Im pretty sure these were made up in north Devon , not far from the Tiki factory .

 and heres a lovely twin fin fish, made by Pete McAllum for Ocean Magic , late 70s. Possible Welsh connection / surfer with the Dragon spray, which has been used on a few OM's of that era.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Coming up soon .......

Monday, 4 August 2014

Beautiful Tris singlefins

 I hope you like Tris surfboards because heres a few more of them . This is another of the beautiful collaborations between Tris Cokes - shaper , Johnny Manetta - glasser and Neil Wernham (travelling surfer from New Zealand) - artist (c. 1974 / 75) . This board is in the collection of Tris surf shop. Neil's earlier Tris artworks were made using spray cans and masking tape to build up the painting in a labourious but very striking way ; and then he bought an airbrush ( which he still has today) and was able to try a mixture of freehand and masked areas. The freehand stuff is a lot softer on the edges , and was faster to do so allowed Neil's creativity to flow.
Judging by some of Neil's artworks - which were pretty far out and trippy , the local surf crew were pretty experimental in their substance intake. This painting is quite strange too - the top half is beautiful and flooded with warm light, colourful butterflies and perfect waves / compared with the bottom half which seems to show the downs of drug use , a weird looking merman looking a bit unhappy, smoking from a bong and sitting on giant mushrooms. There is a real narrative to this spray , its not just decoration to make the board look pretty. This is why Neil's art is held in such high regard.
The shape of the board is very similar to others with Wernham sprays of the period , small swallow tail , glassed in wooden fin , and unusual rounded nose which Tris favoured at the time .

The deck of the board has an owl spray , apparently because it was made for someone called Owl. The detailing and pinlines around the artworks are great quality too . Unfortunately I didnt take a photo of the whole of the deck .

Johnny Manetta with Tris and Jolly Good boards, around 1975 . The Jolly Good's have artwork by Nancy Dinmore and the Tris by Neil.
Above - Johnny and a Tris
Here's another lovely Tris, which has recently come to light from South Wales . This is a great shape with the small swallow ,single flyers and very flat deck leading to more of a pointed nose with a bit of thickness to it.
The owner said when he bought it in the early 90s as an alternative to his little thrusters  he was told that the artwork was of a secret spot near the Tris factory .
The spray is again by Neil Wernham and I'm positive the 'secret spot' is Chapelporth . There is no freehand airbrushing here  , its all done with masking tape building up the edges of the cliffs , the hills and even the lines in the wave faces. Its a time consuming and beautiful piece of work , and Johnny the glasser has playfully cut up the logo to peep over the horizon , and has cut out the little surfer and put him on the Chapelporth wave. So the painting becomes the logo and vice versa - classic.

This is an alternative artwork by Keith Flack with changes from the standard Tris logo . Ganja leaves , the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland smoking his pipe, and a map of Cornwall and Fance in the top right corner . Tris had a small factory and shop in Fance in the 70s - I'll go into more detail on this when I have a chat with Johnny again.
Johnny's personal board next to the sign of the original Tris factory , taken around '73 
Testing water flow over the channels of a very unusual Tris bonzer , with the help of Mick Harlot (flying fish surfboards ). Does this board still exist ??

Another  Wernham owned by Alex . This was when Tris was using the In Natural Flow logo. Neil's earlier works seem to be more landscapes of mabye recogniseable places , and this could be Chapel again ? There is a definite interest in mushrooms and mabye the magic within them. This is another great piece of work , and nice to see it when it was brand new below.
I have just noticed that this board is on the far left of this picture !

Thanks to the Tris surf shop and Alex for the help and photos.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The first Tris

 This historic board is the very first surfboard to have the Tris logo. From when this board was made, in late 69 / early 70 Tris has gone on to become one of our best loved board makes . The board was made by friends Tris Cokes and Johnny Manetta for local surfer Mike Hendy . They got the stringerless blank from Alan MacBride ; Johnny shaped the top half, Tris the bottom half and they met in the middle ! The board is a mild s deck, around 7'3 long and has a beautiful deep red tint on the underside, with artistic flourishes by Johnny making it a striking looking board. The deck has a light green tint on the deck patch, and an attempt at a tie dye pattern made by rolling the cloth and adding pigment . Tie dye was all the rage with the hippies at Porthtowan in those days , and the board was made at a small hut near where the lifesaving club is today.
The logo is hand drawn on toilet paper says Johnny , and has Mike Hendy's initials on it.
The board was made at a point where the evolution of board design was driving along at a fast rate , and boards were getting shorter, wider and thicker , and the twin fin design would soon take off as a design to be tried, but later rejected for slim and longer singlefins which became the standard surfboard design through the mid 70s.

 Johnny still owns and runs Tris surf shop in Porthtowan - and a few years ago a guy came in saying ' ive got a tris in my loft ' ; Johnny couldn't believe his eyes when he saw this first Tris coming round the corner. After he restored it for the owner it was kindly donated back to him to keep at the shop as part of the history of Porthtowan surfing.

 Johnny Manetta and Tris Cokes in the early days of Tris surfboards , around 1970/71 with a Tris twin fin.
Photos of Tris Cokes, courtesy of Johnny Manetta

Porthtowan crew in the early 70s. Johnny 3rd from left , Tris 3rd from right .
Thanks to Johnny and Ryan for the info and photos