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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Atlas Woods singlefin by Pete Moony McAllum

This is Ryan's Atlas Woods, which was bought earlier this year off ebay by Stephane. He bought it because it was an interesting looking early 70s board , and cheap for what it was, but thought it had no UK connection. When he got it though, he could just make out the shapers name - Pete McAllum - as you all know a very important Kiwi shaper who came over to Cornwall in the late 60s , started his own board labels including Stuart in St Ives , and of course Ocean Magic.
So this was a very interesting find. The board would have been made around 1971 - in between the time Pete was shaping at Bilbo around 1970-1 , and later starting Ocean Magic around '73. So it looks like Pete went back to New Zealand for a while, shaped some boards for Atlas Woods (an offshoot of Gordon Woods in Australia) and then returned to the UK. Either this was his personal board he brought back with him / or it was part of a batch of boards he made with Atlas Woods logos which ended up for sale at the London Surf Centre around 1971 (see ad below).
The board is a classic s deck of the time, 6ft 6 x 20 inches wide , with large adjustable Aussie made fin and box.

1971 ad from British Surfer
Great photo of Pete McAllum and Nigel Semmens, 1980
Gordon Woods publicity shot, 1968 Brookvale ,Australia.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Circle one by Jeff Townsley

 Here's a classic and beautiful Circle One singlefin, made in Exeter, Devon by Jeff Townsley. It has classic Circle One design, sleek airbrush by Jeff, plenty of float in the board and a finger thick wooden fin ; mini stinger tail going into a small swallowtail. Jeff was a prolific and creative shaper in the 70s and produced some really beautiful and sometimes unusual looking boards. Dims are 6'10 x 20 1/4 , and this one is leaving our shores and going home with Stephane to Biarritz. There will be plenty of British boards at Stephane's house to keep it company.

Stephane and his board, photo by Alex Williams.
It was good to surf with Stephane and Ryan last week.

 Jeff's work in the 70s above ,and 80s below.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Celtic singlefin by Roger Lyndon , early 70s

 Photos at last month's surf meet of a very rare UK surfboard make, Celtic surfboards by New Zealander Roger Lyndon, made in North Devon. This board owned by CJ is the only known one at the moment . If youve got one too send in a few photos !
Below - the story of Roger Lyndon and Celtic surf boards by Tony Cope --

" A few years ago Chris Jones mentioned that he had a board tucked away at his works that he knew nothing about. It had two CELTIC logos on it but strangely, both were upside-down . I`d never seen a Celtic logo, but an image came up of Roger Lyndon, 45 years ago .
At the end of `69 Westcoast Surfboards in Woolacombe got an invitation to the Irish Championships at Rossnowlagh, and 3 of us decided to go, Roger Lyndon ( NZ ), Terry Hansen ( AUS ) and me. Roger said he would like to find his ancestry while over there, as his surname was Irish. So over the two weeks we were finding points and reefs just prior to the beach-break contest, while he took time out to research his roots. He later talked about the impact the trip had on him, and said that with Westcoast breaking up, he would use up the remaining logos on a few more boards, then start his own label. It would be CELTIC , in honour of his ancestors, but put on upside-down in honour of his down-under homeland.
Fast forward to last month`s board meet in Braunton : Chris said he would loan us his CELTIC, and Gray Looker kindly offered to bring it up from Newquay . CJ : " Many years ago a fella I knew popped in the shop to pick up his new board, and he had the Celtic with him. I just thought it was an unusual board and a vee bottom which I got on well with, so I made him an offer and the deal was done. Simple as that really, I hadn't searched for one or anything like that. I didn't know who made it or anything, I was just attracted to it ! "
In 1970 the old Westcoast factory ( Wooden stables in South St. Woolacombe ) was returned to it`s owners as the lease ran out .
 Kevin Cross : " Roger rented a little stone farmer`s building for a workshop, in a field beside the road going into Mortehoe . "
Roger made boards and showed his own-make surf film around N Devon for a few years more, then returned to NZ in 1975, when he did the water filming for the NZ surf movie " The Old Men On The Point " in his home town of Piha, 30 minutes from Auckland. Further back, in 1968 he appeared in the surf film " Children Of The Sun", which covers the last days of NZ and Oz longboarding and the genesis of the shortboards. The guys on the NZ vintage board site are kindly trying to find Roger now, if they do we`ll get the full story no doubt ! "

 The Irish championships, 1969 . l to r Rod Sumpter, Tony Cope, Terry Hansen, Roger Lyndon.
Competitors cars at the Sand House hotel, Rossnowlagh. Rogers Ford Anglia is 2nd from left.

Thanks to Tony Cope and Chris Jones. Roger if you see this it would be good to hear more about the days of Celtic.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Last sunday's surf meet

Thanks to Pete Robinson and the Museum of British surfing for hosting a surf meet last sunday. Great boards and cars as ever with some nice new discoveries. A good day !
Photos by Alex Williams and myself.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Readers' boards part 1

 Thanks to everyone who has been sending in photos of their boards ! Heres a few from the 70s, and there are plenty more I'll put on next week .
 This is Matt's Bilbo, a gunny early 70s shape, a really sleek and elegant little board , 6ft 2 x 19.5 . Great condition too, and I like the understated 'B' logo.

 Here's some pure filth ! Under the grime is a near perfect Tris, a classic looking shape from the mid 70s with wooden fin. Tim says the board has been in Cambridge since 1984 , living on the wall of a prefab garage . So thats 30 years worth of dust !

 Kate sent in pics of her rare Elliot and Beard from the very early 70s. The Beard is Mervyn Beard who shaped for Tiki in the late 60s and went on to found Chapter surfboards . The board was made up in north Devon.

 This board belonged to Kien's dad, who lived in Braunton in the 70s and bought it off a local surfer . Its one of the classic but ill fated early 70s twin fins, made by Tiki around 1972 . Check out the tiny slim fins.
 And here's a US version of the twin fin from the early 70s, owned by Toby , who had it appraised and was told it dated to 1983 ! It is of course a lot earlier than that. Made by Gordon and Smith.

 Here's quite a rare British board , shaped by Aussie John Hall, glassed by Alan Neighbour , for the Summer Haze label. Nice twin stringer which was given to Oscar by his grandfather a couple of years ago. Im pretty sure these were made up in north Devon , not far from the Tiki factory .

 and heres a lovely twin fin fish, made by Pete McAllum for Ocean Magic , late 70s. Possible Welsh connection / surfer with the Dragon spray, which has been used on a few OM's of that era.

Hot Generation twin fin by Chris Thompson, Constantine area