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Monday, 14 July 2014

Ok Im a sucker for aerial perspectives (its what I deal with a lot in my paintings) so heres some great drone footage of a classic Puerto Escondido swell

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Windjammer singlefin early 80s

 This is a great condition singlefin by Windjammer , from around '83  and made in Braunton ,North Devon . It could be inspired by the needle nose Lazor Zaps which Cheyne Horan made famous at the time, although his boards were often alot wider at the tail . The Windjammer has had a lot of time spent on the pinlining and airbrushing and is a real work of art. The tailpad is from later in the 80s. Dims are 5'8 x 20 1/2 x 2 3/4 .

 Windjammer was run by Clive Lewis and Alan Brookes (ex Tiki and Chapter) . It ran from the mid 70s till the mid/late 80s ? By the start of the 80s they were only making a few custom boards , but produced alot of popouts and windsurfers .

1985 ad from Tube News

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Roger Land singlefin from Treyarnon bay

This is Graham's board which has important links to Tigger Newling and Treyarnon bay. It was shaped around 1970 / 71.
Graham says - ' 6'10 x 21.5 x 3.5 Treyarnon Bay surfboard shaped by Roger Land. Im sure that you all know as well as I do that Roger taught / informed Tig's shaping abilities and ideas and then returned to NZ , not only as one of the NZ surf pioneers but also created a hugely successful one class racing yacht series as well I believe. I go it along with a lovely Bilbo 8'6 singlefin from a guy in Oxford about 20 years ago.
It still surfs and will be going to France with me this year. I wonder if there is a Tigger logo under the 'resin splodge' on the nose but I am not going to find. Love the little Kiwi drawn into the Treyarnon bay logo. Hope you like it '

I haven't seen one of these boards by Roger Land before but the shape is the classic s deck , rounded nose and small fin which is so similar to Tig shapes from this 70/71 era . So if you have a Tig which isnt signed Tigger then it will be by Roger Land. Tigger says about that year - 
'' The next summer I was busy enough to employ staff: Shaper Roger Land and Laminator Terry Lysaght were both very experienced kiwi board builders who somehow put up with a very green 18 year old boss. One afternoon we posed for our first publicity shot. It was inspired by Pink Floyd's Ummagumma album cover (designed by Hypgnosis). The one where all the band's gear is laid out on a runway. We emptied the greenhouse and laid all the tools and templates out on the lawn along with some boards and a pair of trousers which were so encrusted with resin that they stood up by themselves . The three of us standing there covered in dust - a true start-up cottage industry.''
Tig publicity photo 1970 , Tig in middle with Roger Land and Terry Lysaght

Tig down rail s deck from the same era

Monday, 7 July 2014

Ju singlefin by Paul Jury

 Here's a nice Ju singlefin shaped by Paul Jury at Bude . We have featured a small number of Ju's on the blog but this looks like one of the cleanest ! Early 70s diamond tail with that classic font which looks very folky , and the humming bird is a nice little feature . Unfotunately I dont have photos of the underside.

''Paul "Ju" Jury of Bude. Later became General Surfboards. Also shaped with Willis Bros. Hawaii and Pipedreams Australia amongst others. Had a couple of cool surfshops in Bude. He sadly died whilst surfing big Majestics in the Phillipines'' - Barry David
 Ju's Surf shop in Bude , photo taken in the early 80s , and below Ju with classic Bude surf bus ! Photos c/o Barry David.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Freedom's Family surfboards

I had been trying to figure out who made these Freedom's Family boards , and saw Andy's photos of this twin fin one at his surf swap last week . If you look closely the clue is there between the fins - 'Jay surfboards , London ' . So Freedom's family was yet another of Phil Jay's labels , shaped in London between around 1971 through to '73 or '74 . Phil's other labels include Kaiki (I think) , Phil Jay, Jay surfboards, Country surfboards and Pure Juice.
 photos by Andy Ydna
Ads from British Surfer no. 6 , 1971 . Above the Freedom's family one is pretty obvious, should have worked it out sooner !

Other Freedom's family boards , which use Bilbo fin systems

Monday, 30 June 2014

Bez Newton's 1970s board game


Born in Lancashire in 1927, the late Bez Newton was already a seasoned world traveller when his lifetime obsession with surfing began in Queensland in 1949. Over the years, in addition to his surf-inspired enterprises in running clubs, shooting films, publishing  magazines and novels, Bez created a board game called Wipeout.
When I met him in the early 1970’s, Bez had refined Wipeout into a complex game based on a surf contest, with the aim of getting through heats to a final, surfing against the clock.  Using custom made cards, players assumed the roles and abilities of contemporary legends such as Wayne Lynch and Billy Hamilton.  From paddling out (using pre-duckdive “Eskimo rolls” !) players surfed round the board scoring points for manoeuvres and losing them from hazards such as broken leashes, loose “skegs”, or hitting bathers!
The prototype Wipeout I bought off Bez is a 2ft square hand-made labour of love. Assembled with help from anyone hanging out between waves near his Watergate caravan, it came with tiny  surfers, cards and complete instructions. Bez also offered a French version!
Wipeout never achieved its aim of being taken up by a manufacturer as surfing’s answer to Snakes and Ladders, so I wonder what Bez thought when another surfing game hit the market?  In the mid-eighties, Surf Champ also featured a mini-surfboard – but this one clipped onto a ZX Spectrum keyboard, and Wayne Lynch didn’t get a mention.
I’m told early computer games are now collectable, and my son’s Surf Champ is probably still in the loft – but as surf memorabilia goes, how rare is my Wipeout?

Neil Watson.

Thanks to Neil for sharing this slice of history. It looks like Bez put a lot of time into this game, must have been during a long flat spell

Friday, 27 June 2014

Vitamin Sea Cheyne Horan model by CJ

Here's a classic Cheyne Horan model 5'8 which Gee has just picked up off Andy . It is an early one , no.4 made, and very similar to my no.2 , both probably made in late 1981.
Cheyne was riding a similar looking board at the Gul - Alder pro am that summer in Newquay ( where he came 1st = with Rabbit) so Chris Jones would have had first hand experience of the shape and design and may have taken direct measurements from it . Chris' boss Tad Ciastula set up the Cheyne Horan model deal with Cheyne probably during the contest period in summer '81 . Chris was the main Vit Sea shaper making the Cheyne models , producing around 60 of them from 1981 to 83. As time went on the sprays got more radical, mirroring Cheyne's personal boards , and although some of CJ's were singlefins  most were twin fins.

 1981 photo by Alex Williams of Cheyne at Fistral

photos by Gee and Andy

my Cheyne model no 2

 Gee's stunning Cheyne trio - Geoff McCoy Lazor zap , Cheyne's personal board shaped by Terry Fitzgerald with original fin , and the Vitamin Sea Cheyne model