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Above photo - copyright Rennie Ellis photographer archive

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Gwyn Haslock , a lovely lady . She's had more surfs than most of us have had hot dinners.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Surf meet at Lusty Glaze

This year's 'family photo ' . Great turn out again guys well done considering it rained most of the day ! Still had a great time though. Thanks to the generosity of Lusty Glaze for hosting us for another year !
 Alex's boards , thanks to Alex for most of these photos
 John and Stuart's vintage racers fresh from Pendine sands last week

 Simon and Henry, both regulars to the meet from opposite ends of England
 Dick Harvey Creamed Honey
 Thanks to Nick Radford again for the design. www.frootful.co.uk
 Joe and his boards. Good to see some new faces this year.

 Johnny Manetta of Tris surf shop
 Dave and Stuart

 With Charlie in Tikiland

Joe and his favourite Tiki
Registration stickers on a Klemm Bell v bottom

Here's a few more pics taken by Stephane and Dennis from France

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Freedom singlefins early 70s

 Jeremy sent in photos of this lovely Freedom pintail, by Steve Harewood around 1973. These early Freedoms are things of beauty, made in one of the most progressive surfboard factories in Europe at the time, in Jersey, Channel Islands. Freedom experimented with lots of different models in the early 70s, some of which are shown below.

 Freedom surfboards publicity shot, around early 1971. Steve Harewood and Barry Jenkins with Freedom formal riders and fun machines.
 Above 70s beach scene by Jersey surfer Gerry George , below another 70s shot, dont know who photographer - or model is.

 Above - another Freedom publicity shot and below - the resulting advert ,in British Surfer magazine no 6, late 1970/ early 1971.

 This beautiful board is a Freedom 'formal rider' from 1970-1 ,owned by George , shaped by Steve Harewood .It has lovely green and turquoise tints , formal rider logo and a freedom logo which says 'Lake Vale' , which this logo usually doesnt have on. Hard to tell from these photos but it may have a mild s-deck , and the bottom shape is a displacement hull. Great condition for the age.

 Here's another great Freedom with a wide swallow tail, early 70s again, and very understated logo , the text chopped from the bigger bubbly logo in the boards above. This board was recently bought by Ryan. A classic and timeless shape, and check out the lovely fin.