Vintage Surf meet 2018 coming soon !

Vintage Surf meet 2018 coming soon !
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We buy interesting old boards 60s/70s/early 80s in good condition. Email . Also wanted - Surfing UK , British Surfer and Surf Insight magazines .
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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Freedom singlefin by Steve Harewood

Here's an early single fin, probably '72 or '73, from the ever excellent Freedom surfboards of Jersey. It was shaped by Steve Harewood, who started Freedom in 1969 with Barry Jenkins. The company soon became the centre of a thriving surf community in Jersey scoring quality waves and getting strong contest results. Steve himself was in the GB team for the world champs in Puerto Rico 1968, and after that got shaping experience making Dewey Weber's Ski before coming home to start Freedom.
This board had been advertised in the local paper for three weeks before I bothered to go and look at it. I was expecting something beaten up so was very happy to see this beaut with its deep orange tint and bubbly 70s grahics (and happy post coital couple !) There is also a stylised bird design which seems to be a bit of a Freedom trademark - I have another with a bird and my mate Jamie has one with a butterfly spray. The dimensions are 6'10 x 20 1/2 x 2 3/4.

Ad from British Surfer 1971

Interesting shot of Tom Bates ( with a Weber ski ? ), Steve Harewood and Barry Jenkins ( with Greenough style kneeboard ) at the old Coin Varin factory at St Peter, early 70s.

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