Vintage Surf meet 2018 coming soon !

Vintage Surf meet 2018 coming soon !
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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Tris kneeboard from Chops (another relic from the tip)

 I should start an SOS campaign (save our surfboards ) as people are still throwing away our surf heritage at local tips. Two boards that I know of were thrown away this week. This one I managed to buy, a 5'8 x 22 kneeboard made by Chops for Tris surfboards in around 1980. Its got hardly any scoop deck so would make a really nice stand up board today. Short and super wide with G&S star semi keel fins. Its also super light, even though it looks like its been part of a hedge for a while, with soil all over the tail. The underside should clean up nice though, you can't beat the quality of the work, so its definitely saveable with a bit of resto on nose and tail . Tris kneeboards from the 70s are a great rarity.
The other board thrown away, which I've been told by a reliable source, was a Carwyn Williams early 80s personal board in good condition  with Carwyn decals on both rails and Alder sponsers laminates. Probably a Crab Island I'd imagine. It was in the skip at St Erth tip on monday avo, but was picked out and put to one side, and then it vanished. Hopefully it has made it to a good home and didnt go back in the skip !!

 'Top of the range' leash made from nylon rope and an old seat belt. proper job
 The board had a beautiful patina of soil, dings, bad repairs and my favourite , car filler. It still feels very light though.

From Surf magazine 1976.

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