Vintage Surf meet 2018 coming soon !

Vintage Surf meet 2018 coming soon !
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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Jon's boards part 3

Last year I featured a large part of Jon's great  collection on the blog, and here are a few more he has picked up since. This Dick Brewer was a part-ex from last year . Jon says the people who brought it in said they got it from a plumber who had got it off a rock star who owed him for some work on a boiler ! Classic history .    The board is originally from Hawaii, shaped by Steve Morgan (who now shapes for Hawaiian Island Creations) in the early 80s. Its got belly channels and is a classic pig inspired shape with that wide tail reminiscent of McCoy's Lazor Zaps. Great condition too, guess that rock star didnt surf much !

Mid to late 80s Surfboards Hawaii thruster with a bright sprayjob and plenty of volume.
This mini mal was made at Lightwave in Boscastle by Ben Bamford, in the mid 80s when a resurgence in bigger boards became a trickle and then a strong new market. Now there is almost every board imaginable in the lineup, from bellyboards, bodyboards, mini simmons, mats, standard shortboards and all sorts of different designs upto longboards both trad and progressive and SUP's. Back in the early 80s everyone was riding the same types of shortboard, and anyone riding older or bigger boards were dismissed as learners, kooks, or just generally uncool. This was very detramental to surfing and numbers in the water dropped because all but the best found shortboards hard going.
So boards like the Lightwave were the first in a long line bringing back the fun to an average surfers life.

Ben Bamford, 1983 photo Alex Williams
Sealion bellyboard
Rare Kon Tiki Waverider bellyboard. Jon wants to know more about this, but I can't help much as I've not seen one before. Made in England, with unusual squared off nose, and quite thick construction of wood with thin skins of ply top and bottom. 1960s ? (Actually Gavin -Traditional surfing co.  has left a comment saying he has one too, and hasnt seen another until now)-


  1. amazing, i have one of those kon-tiki boards, in white, i have never seen another.

  2. l have one of these kon tiki boards in has never been used still in it`s original packaging.made in lancing west sussex.

  3. what would this be worth? very rare in this condition.