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Vintage Surf meet 2018 coming soon !
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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

whats going on ?

 Things are not good at my beach. Firstly raw sewage flows down the stream into the break . After heavy rain South West water is allowed to discharge the sewage into red river near Camborne, an act they call 'combined sewer overflows' , which basically means you're surfing in shit ! The sewage flows with the river all the way down to Godrevy, which is a National Trust beach and area of natural beauty.
Why is this still happening ? Its 2013 not the 1980s ! If the sewers in Camborne aren't big enough then they need enlarging , and surely Surfers against Sewage and the National trust can make a big stink about this (excuse the pun) to get South West water to tow the line.
The' you are a shit surfer sign' is by Ben Cook to bring awareness of whats going on.
Added to this, phials of acid have been washing up along Gwithian towans and Godrevy over the last few days. It  even meant the beach had to be closed for a while. Just in case the locals mistook them for shots of Smirnoff. No one has owned up to losing the phials although they do have French writing on.
Added to this, hundreds of seabirds are being washed up along the south coast from Cornwall to Hampshire covered in a sticky, waxy substance which has yet to be identified.
Just another week on the Cornish coast .....

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  1. This is shocking! Are SAS the best people to support in this struggle, or is there another approach? Everybody who uses the sea must speak up if they give a damn and want to make change.