Vintage Surf meet 2018 coming soon !

Vintage Surf meet 2018 coming soon !
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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Flying Fish by Mick Harlott

Jake found this board at a local auction, a Flying Fish swallowtail from the mid 70s made from an imported Bennet foam blank. I have only had one Flying Fish on the blog before, from Chris' collection. I didnt know much about them, but luckily Ched Chatten left a comment-
''The flying fish board was made by a guy called Mick (the Fish) ,a friend or known to Tris Cokes and John Minetta of Tris surfboards Porthtowan. Made around 1973-75 '' . Mick the fish turns out to be Mick Harlott, a local character from the 'badlands' who made Flying Fish and then Tin Mine designs surfboards. Jake grew up in the area and as a grom remembers seeing Mick around . This board uses some of Micks trademark colours and also rail channels which he liked. Its nice to find out about one of the more obscure Cornish labels, does anyone else have more info on it ?

Very unique looking fin , and rail channels
Thanks to Jake for the photos


  1. Wouldn`t be an imported Bennett blank - by then they were made in Braunton by Tiki under license, as Dave Smith found they had stronger cell structure than Tiki`s own original ` Castle `foam .

  2. Ok thanks Tony, made by Tiki under license. They also made G&S and Bing boards under license for a while in the early 70s