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Vintage Surf meet 2018 coming soon !
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Friday, 15 February 2013

Brits at the world champs 1978 South Africa

This is another previously unseen  reel of film that Jono has had digitised at considerable expense, so thanks to him for doing this. Jono has a site about the history of skateboarding in Swansea  - . These reels of film were donated to him by Ron Williams who shot them in the late 70s . Jono says -

'' Another friend of Con's was Ron Williams who now lives in Australia, originally from Pothcawl Ron had filmed the local surf scene in the 70s but had also filmed Con skating too. Best of all the films had survived and Ron was more than willing to send them over to be used in Over Ply Wood. I couldn't believe my luck, film of 70s skating in Swansea and as it turns out in London, Cornwall and Europe too !
Not only was there plenty of 70s skateboarding on the 4 x 400ft reels of film there was a ton of surfing too.The film shown is the South Africa trip .Loads of the actual surfing but also beach shots of the UK team members, a parade through the town of all the competing teams ,evidence of apartheid with signs on the beach for whites only ...this was before everyone really started to take notice of the crimes taking place in South Africa and the international boycotts started to gain mainstream acceptance. So a historic piece on many levels.
Thanks again to Ron Williams for his films and Mark Knights for a great job on digitising them. More clips to follow soon .''

The 1978 Worlds held in East London were very successful for the British team - captain Pete Jones, with Nigel Semmens, Steve Daniel, Ted Deerhurst, Colin Wilson and Bobby Male. All the team made it through to the quarter finals except Ted. Nigel came 8th overall, and team  GB came third, all in solid conditions so a great result !
The film begins with a free surf at Jeffreys bay which was actually just after the contest, when Nigel, Colin , Ted and Steve gunned it along the coast to get some waves at the famous big right, and scored.
Then theres the contest footage, the opening procession with the British team, and two pimped up orange ford cortinas ? Then the contest begins, in decent waves; im not sure who is surfing but its likely that Ron is filming mostly the British guys . Steve Daniel can be seen in a classic Union Jack wetsuit - still got it Steve ??
In all a classic piece of film and historically important, cheers to Ron and Jono.

Ted Deerhurst at the '78 South African contest. The stripy tent and pimped Cortina can both be seen on the film.
'there was a time when you might have needed your sabre '

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