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Vintage Surf meet 2019 coming soon !
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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Welsh team in France '79

Tim was looking for his wife's car's service history the other day and found this...which took him back to the time when he was in the Welsh team getting ready to compete in a European champs which didn't happen -

''20 page program for Eurosurf '79, the contest never happened as untypically France went flat for 5 days, the day after it was cancelled it was pumping! I'd spent the 3 months in France surfing every day with Paul Russell and Miki Dora in preparation!

Here's the cover and a review of the '77 contest held in Wales (I've got the T-shirt from that somewhere), as you can see no expense was spared in producing the program! Also have my '79 Welsh Team jacket, shirt and board shorts somewhere too. Seems appropriate with Eurosurf 2011 starting next week in Ireland.''

A page for our French readers , with a pic of Ted Deerhurst.

The '79 Welsh Team, minus Linda Sharp (back row; Paul Ryder , Rawling Morgan, Mike Cunnigham, Chris Payne. middle row; Colin Bright, Dai Halpin, me, Pete Jones, Mark Fleming, kneeling; Arwyn Davies, Chris French)... I think I've got that right it was a life time ago. Paul made Spyder Surfboards here in Pembrokeshire

When that team picture was taken I was riding a 5'10" Safari twin fin I'd bought new at the Safari factory in Durban in '78, I really wanted a Larry Bertleman twin (in blue and red swirl!) that was in Shaun Tompson's dad's surf shop but he wouldn't drop on the price. I left a 6' Spyder single fin pin tail in its place. When I bought the twin fin back to the UK I was every shapers friend as they frantically took templates off it. I knew it was a mistake when I sold it year's ago, must be in a garage somewhere, I'd give serious money to get it back and up on the studio wall. I think all the rest of the '79 team were still riding single fins. I'll see if I can dig out a pic of the Safari.''

Thanks to Tim for sharing his memories - if anyone's got a 5'10 Safari twinnie in the garage send some photos in - would be good to reunite Tim and his old board.

A Welshman's singlefin

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