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Vintage Surf meet 2019 coming soon !
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Monday, 19 September 2011

A Tris in Portugal

Its interesting to get emails about UK boards which have been unearthed in foreign countries. Goncalo from Portugal recently found this In Natural Flow singlefin and wanted to know more about it. Since I used to own one myself, I knew that it was Tris Cokes' label in the early 70s, which soon after became the classic Tris surfboards . It was probably shaped by Tris himself near Porthtowan in Cornwall. I love the airbrush on this board of the bird of prey ; Goncalo says the design is similar to the cover of the early 70s Australian surf movie 'In Natural Flow' ,so quite likely Tris got some inspiration from there.
It sounds like the board has been in Portugal for a long time as a local guy claims to have a photo of the board when it was new. Yet to be seen. I guess a surfer from the UK probably travelled down there on a surf trip and swapped/ lost / sold the board in the early 70s and its stayed there ever since. By the looks of it its been surfed a lot !

1973 from Surf Insight

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  1. That Portuguese surf table looks so cool, great addition for your collection!