Vintage Surf meet 2019 coming soon !

Vintage Surf meet 2019 coming soon !
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Friday, 16 September 2011

Watergate bay skate bowl

Here's a rare piece of cine film recently unearthed by Neil Watson. It was shot by him in 1977 at Watergate bay , and includes a young Nigel Semmens (in the white gloves) , Lenny Ingram, Steve Daniel and many others. Watergate bay was a pretty short lived bowl so its great to see how it used to look. Thanks to Neil for sending in this unseen footage, and to Ross Imms for reminding me to get it on here.

Watergate bowl during the 1977 Watergate surf open , with Rod Sumpter filming. Photos by Alex Williams.


  1. Cool, I had no idea that there was ever a park at Watergate......

  2. Very good!
    Thank you for your posts and for giving mine and Stephane's emails to "Boardcollector"! Very nice!
    Pierre (Capbreton)

  3. thanks Pierre,
    have fun if you meet him - I'd love to one day...
    cheers Al

  4. once I participated in the Watergate bay skate bowl and I was so excited, but I ended up so injured, I got a sprained ankle and a broke arm

  5. Wow, how cool. I remember going there in the seventies when we used to come over from Minnesota to camp with our cousins at Porthcothan. I broke my wrist there in1977 and went home that year in a cast. Other than that, good memories! Thanks for the footage. By the way, anyone know what years it opened and closed? IIRC its a car park now.