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Vintage Surf meet 2019 coming soon !
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Friday, 1 July 2011

Stuart of St Ives part 2

Just like the proverbial bus, when Richard from St Ives saw the blog post from a couple of weeks ago about the very rare Stuart, he sent in photos and history about his. So after years of never having seen one of these we can now see two. It was shaped by Mooney McAllum in St Ives, and its among the first boards he shaped on coming to Cornwall from New Zealand. At this time he was staying in the party house of Tris Cokes up the valley from Porthtowan. This board looks slightly later and more refined than the other Stuart with less width at the tail, and it has a yellow tint on rails and underside with black pinlines - the cornish colours. Its 8'1 x 23 x 2 3/4, a nice shape with 50/50 rails with not too much volume, check out the fin, obviously made on site and pretty basic although a good shape. The unusual diamond pattern on the underside is the old trick of hiding cavities in the blank.
Compared to the other Stuart this is in amazing condition, so well done to Richard for looking after it. He says he got it 2nd hand from his friend in 1968, and used to surf Gwithian on it in the late 60s. He says he remembers Mooney shaping them up near where the Atlantic boards were being made. Then it went into storage and was surfed on and off till the early 90s. It was stolen in the mid 90s and Richard tracked it down to the store room of a shop in Penzance, and seems to have paid some money to get it back.
Richard was happy to sell it on to me as he says he's not as energetic as he used to be. The board will be well looked after and surfed at Gwithian again just as it was doing in the 60s.

Richard, owner of the board for 43 years

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  1. super rare boards, i think only 4 surviving that have been recorded,this one ,the one in Paul Broomfields collection ,diplock surfboards have one, which has sadly been over restored,the fourth is in a surf shop in cornwall ,sorry not sure where. two or three reported , but unseen.