Vintage Surf meet 2019 coming soon !

Vintage Surf meet 2019 coming soon !
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Friday, 8 July 2011

Simon Anderson

This is a cool Simon Anderson thruster, -well actually a twin fin with fin box, from the early 80s with a very bright stripey spray. Its owned by Wayne, who dug it out from under his house (not literally) while he was getting the Ted Deerhurst by Nev out to show me. This is another Country Rhythm made one - the production of these is not well documented but I think they were made under licence in South Africa. I featured another of these recently which is in South Wales, and apparently Damion of Boardcollector fame is trying to acquire it during a 3 hr stopover in Heathrow on the way from California to a business trip in Germany ! Now thats a level of dedication and forward planning that leaves us Brit collectors falling by the wayside.

This one has some nice features as well as the spray, such as channels, which are always nice to see . They died out by the late 80s, probably because shapers and sanders were sick of spending the extra time to make them. This board also has jet fins, which were used in a very short time around '83/'84, and are basically inspired by the tail fins on a fighter jet. They look great, but obviously weren't quite as successful in the water. I always thought Simon Anderson himself designed them, but Surf Research says Nat Young.

Simon at Bells Beach, late 70s. mindblowing positioning.

Winner of the Bell's pro in '77 on a singlefin. Once he hopped on a thruster there was no stopping him

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