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Vintage Surf meet 2019 coming soon !
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Friday, 29 July 2011

Simon Anderson Energy single fin

The blog has a very international feel at the moment - and continuing this here is a lovely singlefin sent in by Wayne. Dating from the late 70s, an original Simon Anderson model Energy, roundtail and flowing lines great for carving big faces at Bells and tucking in for a cheeky barrel. Simon excelled in waves like this (on his day) with his powerful style and great positioning.
The only thing was he had trouble surfing singlefins in small waves, when he found them too stiff and sluggish. He could see twin fins performed well in small waves but wanted something a bit less slidey and more positive. Frank Williams' (local Narrabeen shaper ) twin fin plus small central keel designs got Simon thinking and he made a prototpye with two side fins and a slightly bigger back fin. But because the back fin stuck out past the tail he sanded it down and ended up with three fins the same size. The first surf on it showed him the design had potential - an all round board on small and large waves - he just had to prove the design to everyone else.

Thanks to Wayne for the photos. Love the Energy logo and sprays.

Simon Anderson, Dee Why Point, 1978, photo by Art Brewer.

At North Narrabeen 1975, photo by Steve Cooney.

This was on ebay last week, another South African made one but made for the UK market - says on stringer. Stunning spray which must have taken ages to do, and it went for a healthy price to ?

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