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Vintage Surf meet 2019 coming soon !
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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Ted Deerhurst twinnie by Nev

Ted at Fistral 1985 by Alex

Wayne in Australia has dug this board out from storage under his house. A Ted Deerhurst twin fin from around 1981 ish, and I was excited to see this as I thought it might be one of Lord Ted's personal boards . Wayne though has the explaination -
'The story as I know it re the Ted Deerhurst surfboard. While he was in Australia, to make money while travelling up and down the East coast, he commissioned Nev Hyman (founder of Firewire Surfboards) to make 50 boards of his design, which he put into board shops up and down the East Coast.
The board I have, is number #26. I was told that at one stage, Nev was buying any of the boards if they became available. Mind you this is all hearsay.'
I didn't know about Nev shaping Deerhurst models but the story makes sense and fits in with Ted's entreprenurial approach. Whether many of these boards still survive and if any made it back to blighty I don't know. Looks a classic shape though, thanks to Wayne for the photos. Wayne has also dug out a Simon Anderson I will feature soon.

Ted around '79 photo by Wavejunkie


  1. I LOVE that board!

  2. I had this exact board. It was 5'7 and was so loose compared to my 6ft McCoy I was previously riding. Loved it. That was in 81 on the Gold Coast. Surfed Tugun, Kirra, Alley. I was 14. Fun times.