Vintage Surf meet 2019 coming soon !

Vintage Surf meet 2019 coming soon !
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Friday, 10 June 2011

Drifta by Mooney Mc Allum

Moony, Nick Carroll and drifta, early 80s Fistral .Photo Alex Williams

Here's an absoltuely classic - and very rare UK made Hot Buttered drifta. Shaped in around 1982 by Pete McAllum at Ocean Magic, who had a licence for making Hot Buttered boards over here. Pretty rare though, I haven't seen another UK drifta; I think this one is 6'4. The drifta concept comes from Terry Fitzgerald's experiments in combining twin fin reactions with single fin power., hence the standard fin box with side bites either side.
Surf research Australia describes the drifta's performance as -
'A basic cut-back is a stalling manoeuvre for a single fin and a sliding manoeuvre for a twin fin. On both boards you wait for the wave - a slowing manoeuvre.
With a Drlfta the cut-back becomes an accelerating turn!
The central wide base fin drives the board In a pivot arc determined by the rail fin which In turn provides stability and short arc direction.'

Sounds promising, and I'm sure Gee enjoys surfing it. Most of the driftas had round noses to prevent catching on the wave face, and pinched stingers or hips in the tail, with plenty of volume mid board. Thanks to Gee in Newquay for sending the photos in, its a beaut !I like the chopped logo on the underside - 'surf hot buttered boards '

Ad from Tracks 1981

Terry Fitz with Driftas. Similar zip spray to Gee's Cheyne Horan board.

Drifta ad, Surfer '81

Kye Fitzgerald on a 30 year old Drifta

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