Vintage Surf meet 2019 coming soon !

Vintage Surf meet 2019 coming soon !
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Monday, 20 June 2011

Stuart surfboards by Moony McAllum

I've never had a Stuart on the blog, and actually have never seen one before, which reflects their rarity. When Paul sent in these photos I told him I'd never heard of them, so I googled them and the only thing about them was on this blog a year or so ago - I guess I should read my blog more often.
It turns out that Stuart was the first label (along with Nomad) that Pete moony McAllum set up when he came over here from New Zealand. This was in 1967 and its a typically Aussie inspired 8ft v bottom of the era. Mooney was living in St Ives and joined forces with Aussie Neil Reading to produce these boards. It looks as if this one has been used by generations of groms in St Ives and beyond. Pete moved onto work at Atlantic in St Ives in 1968, and I've seen very similar Atlantics to this with the same heavyweight cloth; then he went to Bilbo in '69 as the boom hit, before starting the legendary Ocean magic towards the mid 70s.
It looks like Pete was aware of the history of cornwall in his logo - or mabye he felt patriotic towards it - he lived here for many years. The logo is part of the coat of arms of Cornwall. 15 golden balls representing the ransom raised in Cornwall for the Duke of Cornwall (not prince Charles) , captured by the Saracens during the Crusades. Never knew that.
Thanks to Paul.

Moony in the early 80s with one of his Hot Buttered driftas. Photo byAlex.

from British Surfer 1969

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