Vintage Surf meet 2018 coming soon !

Vintage Surf meet 2018 coming soon !
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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Carwyn Williams' 1984 Crab Island

 Alex Williams has had a great score finding this old 2 1/2 fin made in 1984 for his namesake Carwyn (no relation of course). I'd imagine most of Carwyn's boards were surfed to death so this is a pretty good survivor. Shaped by Craig Hughes who went on to shape Carwyn boards under the great Wave Graffitti label, its around 5'9 x 20 . Another classic channelled Crab Island with a beautiful spray and Alder and Carwyn decals.
This was an important time in Carwyn's development (and Welsh surfing because of him) .He was 19, had just won the Welsh, British and European juniour titles in 1983 ;and 1984 was when he turned pro and joined the newly formed European tour - finishing ranked 2nd in his first season ! He won the EPSA tour in 85 and again in '89. And in 1988 he gave himself and Welsh surfers a great boost by qualifying for the ASP world top 30, an amazing achievement considering he was skint most of the time !

 British team World titles, California 1984 with one of Carwyn's boards. photo Linda Sharp

 Carwyn and Simon Tucker 1984 Jersey. All these photos by Alex Williams

One of the best photos of the late 80s ! Carwyn at Hossegor by Alex Williams.

 In his classic white wetsuit, circa 1983, and below at Thurso. photos by Alex again.

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  1. This board was in my brother Lloyds bedroom for years! We knew it was Carwyn Williams board so glad other people are getting to see appreciate it to.It was given to us by another friend, no idea how he came about it