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Vintage Surf meet 2019 coming soon !
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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Some more Guernsey history

Thanks to Phil for some more photos from the Warry family album. Great images from surfing's early days in Guernsey.

1966 Winner of Guernsey Championships Bob Warry being presented with the award by N. Weedon of Gold Leaf.

Guernsey Team 1967 (Bob bottom right) Inter island team comp between Guernsey & Jersey held at Vazon Sunday 4th June 1967. The local team that comprised of Allen Bichard,Bob Warry, Barry Johnson, Kieth Ogier, Richard Browning, Brian Corbet, Terry Le Pelly, Ryall le Tissier and his brother Dave. They thrashed the opposition, as they were unable to master the slow 18" Vazon mush on the day! The Jersey team consisted of A Wightman, R De Louche, Dave Bull, Steve Harewood (Freedom surfboards), Tom Bates, Mick Crawford and Jeff Huson.

1963 early days Vazon (left) Chris Flack, (centre) Bob Warry, (right) JJ, John Shear.
A couple of rather home-made looking boards there. Thanks to Pierre who says that the board on the right is a French Barland/Rott.

Portuguese guy's second from left holding a Blade, Photo mid 70's.... Blade 1960's type. Taken from Super Tubes magazine 1970's.

Restored......Dad was just given two old Barland & Rott boards to restore recently and one (red) turned out to be his very first boards.

Bob on the original Barland (restored above) at T'others, Vazon Guernsey 1966.


  1. Hello,
    Thank you for giving my mail to "board collector man"... I saw he've been to Hossegor but he didn't give me a worrys! Just to tell you that on your third pictures, the board of the right looks like a Barland/Rott... they are very researched here!
    Thank you again for your board...
    see you! Pierre (Capbreton)

  2. Great stuff Al
    Bet Bob Warry was super stoked to restore one of his first boards, hope he took it out for a session !
    Thanks to Phil his son for sharing the great pictures and history.

  3. Pierre knows his boards, it was one of the first Barland 9'6" in Guerney may be 64. Dads in the picture was a 9'1" and yes Bluey he's taken both out for a little old school long board session.

    Out of interest does anyone one have a pic of Silver yates board of Jersey (long before Freedom started) Phil

  4. silver yates ???? my first longboard around1966 from jersey.