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Vintage Surf meet 2019 coming soon !
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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Scott Dillon longboard

Henry has sent these photos of a recent acquisition to his vintage quiver - an Australian longboard made in the mid 60s by Scott Dillon. Its been living in a time warp somewhere near London up until now - just look at that condition - amazing and barely surfed. I flicked past this board on ebay thinking that it was a modern remake of a classic log it just looked too good to be true and the owner said he'd only surfed it three times.

Anyway Henry's the don when it comes to picking up sweet Aussie boards over here, and he bagged a good one this time ; love the volan tint and that big slim fin. The board looks like its itching to get into the sea for once.

Can anyone unravel the mystery of the etching on the fin - Tony Vyner are you out there ?
Is it like those fish boxes you see that say stolen from Stevenson's fish co etc. - so if it was nicked they'd have a hard time selling it on without glassing over the writing ?

Henry adds-

''Picked up the attached Scott Dillon yesterday from Acton, bought off ebay a week or so ago.

In great condition, volan still nice and green, I had it down from shape, fin and logo as 1966 (maybe 1965 going on date on Geoff Caters surfresearch website, but to me this feels at least mid 66). Apart from a rail shatter and a golf ball size shatter on the bottom, and some surface scratches you would think it was only a few years old, not bad for a 45 year stunner. Wow a mid 60’s Brookvale Six board in London in such great condition.

Seller had it down as 10’, but it is actually 9’, lean an mean, great rails, thin and quite a bit lighter than similar Oz LB’s i have from around the same time.

What is especially interesting after picking it up is that the fin has engraved on it the name, Tony Vyner GU6 7JT 66, so I take this as postcode from Crainleigh, Surrey and year 1966 (or house no. 66). The “Stolen from...” bit rings of the 60’s, heard of others in Oz which had similar on, but normally telephone number of parents.

Does the name ring a bell ? If it was a Scott Dillon in the UK in 1966, I would have thought it would not have gone unnoticed, I assume a Dillon at the time would be classified as a merc, and really stand out in the line up.''

Scott Dillon's son stars in this great 60s ad. Thanks to Tony for sending it in.

Scott Dillon was a very influential surfer/shaper, and one of the most cutting edge in Australia ,making around 70 boards a week as early as 1962. This photo is from that year, at Scott's factory. Scott is on the far left (he now owns a surf museum) , Wheels Williams (who shaped that Silva Yates a few blog posts ago) is in blue shorts and white t shirt, and the guy stroking the dog is Gordon Merchant founder of Billabong. Bob Mc Tavish and Dick van Straalen also worked there in the 60s.

Wheels Williams up high ; Scott Dillon in hat.

Thanks to Henry

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