Vintage Surf meet 2019 coming soon !

Vintage Surf meet 2019 coming soon !
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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Tris by Hillsey

A nice Tris pintail singlefin from around 1980 - quite late on for this type of shape. But Hillsey - Mark Hills made a point of shaping any type of board for British waves, not just the fashionable shape of the time. This board was apparently made for/ owned by filmaker John Adams of Penzance - I'll have to ask John if this is right. Its 6'9 x 20 x 2 3/4, may have been shaped for Porthleven. Hillsey first tasted surfing on summer holidays to the Witterings.Then when his parents moved to Los Angeles in '69 he grew up riding Malibu, Santa Cruz and Rincon. A few years later he returned to the UK and scoped out Cornwall and its surf scene. But he went in search of work to Western Oz, and worked at board makers Blaxells and Morning Mist, getting experience of making boards. When he returned to Cornwall in 1980 he found that Tris' half of Tris surfboards was up for grabs and bought in. The other half was owned by Hillsey's friend Johnny Maneta. What Hillsey is doing today I know not, but its a nice board and I took it over to the Canaries recently and it surfed well.

1982, surf scene
Hillsey at porthleven, photo by Alex


  1. is this board been reproduced? i found this board in some bushes in the garden where we doing a refit. it looks commercial and printed on it it says SUPPLIED BY NEWQUAY SURFING CENTRE. it's got the old TRIS logo. it has never seen wax either. a few dings, tail and nose needs some attention. what is the value?

  2. It probably has been reproduced a few times yes. I sold this one on ebay and it made £130 so go from there depending on condition.

  3. The one i have is not in good condition, dinged all over and i need to rebuild nose and tail. I was just wondering if it was too valuable to do the work myself. The board is yellow with a black rim and some black stripes and there's the 80's TRIS logo. Found Mark Hill on facebook and asked him about the board. Hopefully he messages me back.
    It's already an honour to have a board with his name and shape. Ihave a BIC 9F6 and this board will be the right step up. Cheers for the reply. Kind regards

  4. I have purchased a mark hills pre 80s mad dog board that is signed by mark hills does any one no what it would be worth I don't think it is a reproduction and has a few repairs to it