Vintage Surf meet 2019 coming soon !

Vintage Surf meet 2019 coming soon !
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We buy interesting old boards 60s/70s/early 80s in good condition. Email . Also wanted - Surfing UK , British Surfer and Surf Insight magazines .
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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Tig kneeboard

I've been chatting a bit with Tigger recently, which has been very enlightening. I sent him pics of this 4'11 Tig which was on ebay recently, and wondered if he remembered it as it looked early. Tig doesn't remember all his old boards, but likes to see them again, and definitely recognised this as a memorable, family board , made in '68ish. He says it was made for either one of his sisters or for Steve Lacey, and it is actually in the photo of the Newlings that was in the '69 Observer magazine. Tig says 'one of the first ever Tig boards along with those other pretty awful tracker shapes ( McTavish inspired) you see in the photo.'
Tigger is still surfing strongly, and says he had one of the best barrels of his life at Snapper last week.
From Observer magazine 1969. Shows the kneeboard and two other Tigger boards .
Tigger, Constantine/Boobys mid 70s, photo Alex Williams.

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