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Vintage Surf meet 2019 coming soon !
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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Shaun Tomson twin fin

Shaun at Fistral for the Fosters, early 80s

Gee sent in photos of this great early 80s Shaun Tomson twin fin, which he picked up recently and had restored by Will Eastham in Newquay. Looks sweet now, and Gee even sourced an original pair of multi fins for it. Actually the first time I met Gee he was buying some multi fins off me - with a knackered 80s board attached. This is the first Shaun to crop up since I started the blog, so I guess they're pretty rare now. I've seen a guy surfing one at Godrevy - he said he bought it new in the early 80s and has just had it restored to ride again. South African Shaun Tomson was one of the legends of the Freeride late 70s era and into the 80s, and was world champion - but you probably know all this. His boards were distributed over here by an agent in Jersey - I think Steve Harewood of Freedom had something to do with it, and were sold in a few surf shops on 'the mainland'. The early 80s was a big time of pro model boards so Shaun, MR and Cheyne, being surf superstars of the time, all had pro models. This one has Clark foam and a classic early deck grip. I'm not sure who the board was shaped by. It sounds like Gee has some really interesting boards in his collection, mainly twin fins, which I hope we'll get to see. 1981 Rabbit and prawn at the '81 Gul Alder at Fistral

With Steve Harewood in Jersey, 1981. Thanks to a helpful contributor below, we learn that Tomson models were shaped by Steve Harewood at Jersey, and Steve even shaped Shaun's comp boards for the european leg of the tour in the early 80s.


  1. Used to have a Shaun Tomson Twin fin shaped at Freedom factory in Jersey, gave it away in the early 90's am gutted now, was a great board! Steve Harewood also shaped Shaun's boards for the European leg of the tour from early 80's. Shaun came to Jersey in 1981 and presented the prizes at the Jersey Surfabout contest.
    The Jersey Surfboard club brought out a superb book celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2009 called 'Surfing Secrets' with tons of old photos and stories from local surfers.

  2. hi mate, thanks very much for this info. I had wondered if the Shaun boards were shaped over here but I couldn't be sure. Will add some of this to the post,
    cheers again Al

  3. I had a Shaun Tomson board that looked exactly like the one above. Same colour scheme just didn't have the deck grip. I bought it new from a Surf shop in Penzance (Fat Johns - well thats what we called it) when I was working as a Life Guard at Praa Sands. It was some time in the early 80's and I loved it. Surfed all over Cornwall with it. Unfortunately I sold it about 5 years later in excellent condition but never knew where it went. I would be amazed if this was it. I wish I still had it. I am still surfing in my 50's and would love to find my old board again! I would even consider buying it back :)

  4. I have an original Shaun Tompson triple stringer twin fin and there's nothing better to ride on your backhand off a long point