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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Bilbo and Circle One

Here's a couple of unusual boards sent in by Jason. This one is an early 70s Bilbo shaped by Danny Garland. Garland was a bit of a character and also shaped Space Gypsy boards in the early 70s at the St Merryn site where Fluid Juice stands today. Jason says Danny was a bit of a legend in north Cornwall and there are some great stories about him, waves, drugs, unpaid tax, police , dead bodies! Not sure how true the dead bodies story is but Adrian at Fluid Juice had the old bill round his factory about the tax !
The board has a classic early 70s logo of a woman riding and eagle and smoking something long !

Here's a beautiful mid 70s Circle one made in Devon. Not just any Circle One though, beautiful tropical lineup artwork, double srtingers going to the points of the swallow tail and very unusual bonzer style twin fins - and cheeky naked bum too ! If Jeff Townsley made it it would be interesting if he remembers the history of it. I'm sure you wouldn't forget making a board like that. Thanks to Jason.
Jeff Townsley has got in touch and says-
'Yes I do remember this board, one of my first air brush designs, using cans of car paint, and pieces of cardboard. Made it in my little lock up workshop in Exeter, beginning of the 70s.'
Thanks to Jeff - for one of your first air brushes its a great result, what about the cheeky bum ?


  1. Hi This is Jeff,
    Yes I do remember this board, one of my first air brush designs, using Cans of car paint, and pieces of cardboard, Made it in my little lock up work shop in Exeter, beginning of the 70s,
    Pleased to say Im still involved in Circle One surfboards , although we get them made in the far east,
    Im there regularly, making all templates and shaping the originals, and still get a buz from it,

    Theres life in the old dog yet !!!!! good waves ,

  2. i have a circle 1 my dad past to me which was passed to him in the 90's desperate to find the age and if it will be worth restoring as got few rock dings in it,dirty yellow colour with orange maybe once red lines running parallel either side of the board all the way around,got pic on fone trying to download it to pc to share it with you,3 fin short board
    any info would be great on where to go or look


  3. hi Dan, send the photos to alasdairlindsay@aol.com and I'll try to help, cheers Al