Vintage Surf meet 2019 coming soon !

Vintage Surf meet 2019 coming soon !
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Monday, 4 October 2010

Mark Richards twin fin

Here's a great little MR 6'2 twin fin sent in by Gavin. It was made by Mad dog in Byron and was brought over by an Aussie airman who spent time working at Culdrose then went back and left it with someone, who then put it in the attic. Gavin bought it from them after seeing an ad in the West Briton ten years ago - for £25 !!

The MR twin fin was the dominant small wave board of the late 70s up till about '81/2. MR worked the shape out with Dick Brewer and went on to licence the design out - in Oz to Mark Platter, Ken Freeland and Tony Cerff at Maddog surfboards; in the US to Gordon and Smith; and in the UK to Vitamin Sea and shaper CJ. This board with its dropped/ pinched wings and ribbon logo was probably shaped around 1979/80. Gavin says its a lot of fun to surf with lots of float - I'm sure we'd all love an MR in the quiver.

Surfer mag 1980


  1. Nice board - I have THE original MR made by the man himself that Tad bought back from Oz when he got the license to make MR's here in the UK.It is the very first MR in the UK and was the board that they took the template off to make all the UK manufactuered MR's back in the day.

    Its a 5.10 x3x20.5 made in Feb 82 and has the words "Hell No We Wont Glow!" shaped by Mark Richards - all written by MR along the stringer. The board was ridden by Stuart Bedford Brown and Simon Tucker before being passed on to another Vit Sea Team rider - Griska Roberts who made the board famous with his 1983 cover shot for Surf Scene - Happy to put some pics up of it. The board has just been renovated and brought back to life by legend shaper Chris Jones who shaped many MR's under license at Vit Sea back in the early 80's.

  2. Come on Nick, show us the goods ! Would love to see it, drop me an email with some pics. A historic board and a good story. Al

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  4. just got the same board in the picture for $180.00