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Vintage Surf meet 2019 coming soon !
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Friday, 15 October 2010

Freedom thruster by Gordon Jackson

The passion continues to run strong for Freedom surfboards. Here's another by Gordon Jackson, made around the same time as Stephane from Biarittz's Freedoms. This one belongs to Iain, who has owned and surfed it since the early 90s, and has written a bit about its history -
'The date on it is 12.3.88 only a few weeks before those Freedom boards that you posted recently from France were made. Check out the number on the board 256 those boards were 292 and 300, it just shows how many boards they were pumping out at the Freedom factory in the late 80's.

My board was shaped by Gordon Jackson as well . A South African shaper who was in Jersey for only a few years before moving to Australia and becoming head shaper at Pacific Dreams Surfboards in Newcastle NSW, ( Matt Hoy's Dad's factory).
My board is a 6'4 x 191/2 x 25/8 and it still gets ridden when I go back to Jersey, as I now live in North Donegal, Ireland. My favourite thing on the board is the fins with the lettering which tie in with the design on the rail plus the board really goes well for on that is 22 years old!

This board originally belonged to John Hetherington Freedom's Graphic artist who then sold it to the late Stefan Elkin who sold it to me in the very early 90's. Freedom's factory closed in 1990 as far as I can remember I think due to fire regulations but don't quote me on that email Steve Harewood to find out exactly. As far as I'm aware now Freedoms shapers are now spread all over the world. Bobby Male was until recently shaping at NEV until the Firewires came in and he left. Gordon Jackson has left Pacific Dreams and is shaping Gordo surfboards in North NSW. Paul Grieves is now living near Hossegor and Steve Harewood still shapes going over to use Chops Lacelles factory at Beach Beat.'
Cheers Iain, classic board and good to hear more about the Freedom shapers. More Freedoms anyone ?


  1. Could you tell me what year Gordon jackson moved to Australia and started shaping PD boards?

  2. so cool boards here man, I was at a clients the other day up Devon, right next door was Bilbo surfboards!

  3. Hi. Got a instinct surfboard. Tagged gordon Jackson. 16.7.87

  4. Are you still shaping surfboard?

  5. How much
    Would it be worth