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Above photo - copyright Rennie Ellis photographer archive

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Shockwaves mid 80s thruster

 Picked this board up early this morning. Initially I was into it because it was in such good condition and also because of the glitter resin on the deck giving it a bit of mid 80s bling.I'd never heard of Shockwaves - apart from the hair gel ;so supposed it was Australian. A quick scan on google gives just one bit of info - that Shockwaves surfboards come from Wales (gower ?) and Wyn Davies is the boss. Not sure who the shaper Con is though ; very unlikely to the Californian Con. // Thanks to Chris for letting me know this is probably by Paul Connibear.
The board has a nice shockwave spray on the underside, and is one of the classic 80s flat deck plenty of volume shapes.Clark foam super light, 6'3 x 19 1/2. Anyone else know anything about this label ?

More of Con's old boards, under the sought after Crab Island label, mid 80s


  1. Shaper was probably Paul Connibear

  2. oh yeah - that would make good sense . Thanks Chris

  3. ...and they were/are based at the top of the road down to Oxwich bay,Gower. I think it was probably Paul Connibear also for what its worth.Yhey were big local name in the 80s and 90s.Cant say Ive seen one since then so maybe their no longer trading

  4. Hey i have a 6ft 3" Shockwaves surfboard.
    It's a simple cream colour with the shockwaves logo down the front. I'm pretty sure it's 90's but looks just like a modern board.
    I'm wondering if it's worth a bit of money or is it just worth the same as a modern second hand board?

  5. Yep definitely one of Paul Connibear's. He shaped for Shockwaves for several years in the 1980s and early 1990s. Good shaper and a sound bloke. Lives in northern France now, not sure if he still shapes but I think he's pretty much a professional musician these days. Hopefully he still surfs - and maybe skateboards? (He was very good at both.) Shockwaves were built in deepest Gower for many years by Wyn Morris, a fibreglass specialist (and surfer) who is obsessive about quality. He does more fibreglass roofing than boards these days, as roofing actually pays a living wage, but I dare say he could be persuaded to do a board or two if you begged (and paid) him. The board in these pics looks like a beauty!