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Vintage Surf meet 2018 coming soon !
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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Martin Richard of Newquay singlefin

Martin Richard surfboards were shaped by one of the legends of the Newquay surf scene Martin 'gearbox' Geary. MR was his first label in Newquay lasting from 1967 to 1969, so pretty scarce today. This 7'5 x 19 3/4 probably dates to around 1968, half way through the transitional period of the late 60s, based upon what the Aussies were riding in films like Evolution. It has a early patent pending Bilbo fin and fin box- not as nice a finish as their later clear ones. The board is one of the nicest MR's I've seen ,with full red tint on rails and underside, green pinline and red glue stringer ;and the trippy logo is classic late 60s. After MR Martin worked for Bilbo for a bit, and then started the sought after and equally rare Outer Limits label through the 70s, also shaping at Piran later in the decade. In the early 80s he was working with Nigel Semmens at Ocean Magic doing airbrushing .More recently he has suffered from bad arthritis in his hands and now makes small model surfboards.
Tony says about the board -                                                                                                                    In this case a copy of a Bing Foil brought to GB in 1968 by the new Australian Champ
Keith Paull, who went to Cal first to shape the board for them to copy, then came to Cornwall. He used it at Porthtowan in the Cornish & Open, then in Jersey at the Europeans ,then filmed in France with Mark Martinson and Robert August for McGillivray and Freeman .Everybody ran a tape measure over it, photographed every detail, then made copies.For a few months we were cutting edge, making the latest shape boards at the same time as Aus and Cal were. Martinson later wrote in SURFER mag `When we saw what Paull was riding we were sick. When we tried it out we realised the boards we had brought with us from Cal were obsolete.
In the Bing foil ad of Keith Paull above you can see just how far forward the fin was...... just like the MR copy.

1969 ad British Surfer


  1. The MR board is a copy of Keith Paul`s 1968 green BING which he used at the Porthtowan contest & the European contest in Jersey. We all measured it up! He gave me his `Peter Clarke Surfboards Sydney` business card (!), pink & blue psychedelic swirls, which is now with the Museum of British Surfing in N Devon.

  2. Thanks Tony, good to hear where the design behind the MR came from, cheers Al

  3. I have just been given a board for my 9 year old son to start on. Unfortunately it has no fin or leash. I have tried my local shops but it appears the board is 'too vintage'! It is a Martin Richard Surfboards of Newquay with a single fin. I can provide pics if required. But does anyone know where I could get a fin?