Vintage Surf meet 2018 coming soon !

Vintage Surf meet 2018 coming soon !
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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Tiki double stringer

Paul has sent in photos of his Tiki singlefin, which although a bit battered is a pretty special board. Tiki founder Tim Heyland was riding a very similar board in the early 70s, as the photo of him below shows. Both boards have double sloping stringers and the strange parrot logo (or kookaburra ?) which I personally haven't seen before. I've seen quite a lot of Tikis with their standard parrot head logo but this one is different. Is this another of Tim's (or the Tiki crew's ) personal boards ? Doesn't look like a stock board with those stringers and the radical teardrop shape, with early fish tail - probably made in the first couple of years the swallow tail hit the UK - 1972 -73. But the cloth on the deck has such a coarse weave it kind of looks older. Hopefully Tim can shed some light on the board - I'll add some info if he gets back to me. The fin shape is quite unusual too - the board has a big feeling of experimentation, of the shaper trying out new designs and plan shapes, surfing the board himself and finding out what works best.
What do you think ?

Tim Heyland, early 70s BSA archives


  1. Hi
    This board looks like a surfboard I owned around 1977.
    I purchased it from Piran surf shop in Perranporth (this was when Martin Wright worked there)If you compare it to the one Tim Heyland is photographed with you will see the stringers are wider towards the tail whereas this one was the opposite. The one I owned had stringers made of wood. How did you come by this board?

  2. Hi I thought I should add it was second hand when i bought it so made around 1973 seems about right.