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Vintage Surf meet 2018 coming soon !
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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Creamed Honeys

summer 1976

Australian legend boardmaker Kevin Cross worked under a few labels when he lived in Braunton. The most famous was Creamed Honey, which ran from around '72/'73 to '76 ,and at the same time he produced a small number of boards for his budget label Silverwings. Just before going back to Oz in '76 he made some 'Kevin Cross Surfboards' with the rainbow wave logo.

But something I found out only recently was that Kevin had a label before Creamed Honey. It was called Kejo surfboards and was formed by Kevin and John Hall - hence the name. This was in the very early 70s and they were the first boards they made in Braunton before Kevin started Creamed Honey and John went to shape for Tiki. Woolacome surfer (at the time) Tony Cope remembers having a Kejo made for him - a 6'3 'sideslipper' with flat rocker, big nose kick, down rails and a tiny fin in a 'paper jam' box. Kevin, John and fellow Aussie Ron Corthers first arrived in Woolacombe in 1969 and quickly scoped out a market for their boardmaking. They were soon some of the most prolific shapers in north devon with a reputation for quality. They both live in Australia again now, and Kevin lives in Agnes water on the Queensland coast, where his old friend Bruce Palmer lives too. John lives on the south coast of NSW.

Remember to look out for Kejos - they have a map of Oz on the logo and are super rare.

This early 70s diamond tail is in Henry's collection, probably shaped by Kevin , with the first Creamed Honey logo.

A couple more Honeys, both diamond tails again belonging to Shaun. The one on the left looks a nice shape, and that spray was used a few times; a really clean board, and the one on the right is of for restoration back to its former glory. Both by Kevin.

This is quite an unusual Phil Jay designed by Kevin Cross - but not necessarily shaped by him. Its a mid 70s gunny model with solid colour tint on the deck - which hides the stringer, and was a technique Kevin used sometimes in the mid 70s. Great colour. Recently found by Shaun in Falmouth. Phil Jay had a factory in north devon and a great shop in London.

Jay surf shop Wandsworth London early 70s

Kevin with a stack of Creamed Honeys, mainly shaped by Dick Harvey for the Watergate bay surf shop.

Kevin with cheeky stinger

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  1. The `cheeky` photo of Kevin was taken at Lynmouth, in front of the carpark to the LHS of the river. Until mid-70`s we all rode the fat peak that pops up at 1/2 to 3/4 tide, the much better/longer left was too quick for the boards available at the time! Kevin is in Braunton in May 2012, will put out a place/time later if collectors want to meet him.