Vintage Surf meet 2018 coming soon !

Vintage Surf meet 2018 coming soon !
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Monday, 22 November 2010

North sea surfers

This is a good little site about the pioneers of lincolnshire surfing here
I saw it recently and it has some classic old photos of the crew and old boards, many of which were bought in Cornwall and Devon like Bilbo, Tiki etc and the board below looks like the surfing museum's Weber from Phil Jay's in London. Its amazing when you think just how many pockets of surf culture there were back in the early 70s. Above - Cleethorpes surf crew with a wide variety of surf craft, early 70s.
East coast dude Brian Webster

10 foot Bilbos at Sutton on Sea


  1. Al, did not expect to see this on here. Great that I think Mat at Lincs Surf Club located this guy and he spent the time to document the surfing scene at the time. As a little kid (early / mid 70's) I spent my summer holidays often at the beach at Sutton / Mablethorp as my father farmed a few miles away. Had a few sessions at Sutton/Sandylands in last 3 years when visiting family and friends, and when it is on, great waves (if you can put up with the cold and brown sediment rich water).

  2. hi Bluey, glad it brought some good memories back. I really like these old shots, let me know if you have any classic photos you'd like to share ? Cheers Al