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Vintage Surf meet 2018 coming soon !
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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Great British logos

Logos on vintage boards are a work of art on a work of art. They go hand in hand to make looking at vintage boards a pleasure as well as surfing them. Here are what I think are the best of the bunch, in no particular order; I'm sure I've missed some beauties out so if anyone's got something to add email me. I've got a bit of a habit of collecting things with logos or nice graphics on, and surfboards just have a massive range from the sublime to the ridiculous. They showed what we dreamt of, where we hung out and what crew we belonged to.

This colour overlap was used quite a lot by Bilbo and looks a very cool, late 60s acid trip style.

Echoes of the Tris logo a bit, lefthanders and nipples at sunset are always going to make a pretty logo. This is actually a fave of mine, haven't seen another of these yet...

Whenever you're out surfing there's always seagulls gliding along the wave like this. I guess they're cruising for fish

A tropical dream lineup from the mid 70s, vit sea's first logo ?

Classic and slightly wierd logo from the dream team of Tigger and Tris, mid to late 70s. There's not many of these about.

A classic font from the olden days - is it wild west or fairground ? Made eyecatching with late 60s psychadelic boldness.

Its all gone bonkers with the outer limits logo - great 70s boards which pushed the boundaries of surfboard art, made by Martin Geary with the help of Fuzz Bleakley.

A pretty logo for a laid back lifestyle.Phil Jay from the very early 70s. Sold to Londoners from his capital surf shop.

Psychadelic influences in this cool logo and raspberry ripple board from swinging St Ives early 70s.

Everyone loves this logo, and why not - it perfectly transmits how great surfing can be. Artwork by Keith Flack.

Great logo from the early 80s, the age of early digital technology. Made by the man who was a genius at engineering and also put out a few boards - Bill Bailey.

Not a long lost bottle of wine, this rare gem comes from South Wales and the hands of Alan Williams in 1971. Great font which is well used today.

A classic logo, simple but with the touch of luxury - gold leaf.

Another favourite, Freedom of Jersey circa 1970, the days of free love and LSD. Made by Steve Harewood.

Talking of free love ..Skewjack got nicknamed screwjack for the promiscuous nature of its inmates. This is a big and beautiful logo from one of their boards, a scarce early 70s twin fin, surely rare as rocking horse sh1t

The classic mid 60s logging logo ,Californian style comes to Newquay.

Repetition and doubling up can make a simple logo better, as here on Alex's late 70s vit sea.

John Conway's bird , looks a bit angry. But a cool logo, would love to know the story behind it .Early 70s.

Great font, great picture. Love these early OM logos, mid 70s

The rainbow wave, simple but effective. Kevin made these boards in between ceasing production at Creamed Honey and going back to Oz.

The ultimate patriotic logo, even shows your home surf break. Made by Tim Heyland at Tiki, early - mid 70s

Another bird, a peacock this time I think. Mabye there were a few in St Austell.

A chaotic wave about to flatten some palm trees, for Jeff Townsley's Circle one logo.


  1. Excellent array of iconic logos - lovin it!

  2. cheers kk - which is your favourite then ? The tris ??

  3. The Tris is all-time in my book...

  4. I love the old Bilbo diamond, that was on my first board. I still have my t-shirt from the Fosters EuroPro 83, although my wife wears it now, as I can't even get an arm in it.