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Above photo - copyright Rennie Ellis photographer archive

Thursday, 8 July 2010

late 60s Tiki

A late 60s Tiki pintail shaped by Tim Heyland, an unusual looking board which was sourced from the local tip. Its an early transitional Tiki, probably 1968, and is 7'11 x 21 3/4, from one of Tiki's own Castle foam stringerless blanks. Its got some striking graphics, the red isn't original nor is the logo patch which must cover the original logo and possibly a repair. Every time I look at it I'm tempted to take off the patch and see whats underneath, but past experience tells me its better left as it is !


  1. very cool, an very early extreme pinnnnnnnnnnnn tail, is it the original fin, does not quite look right, would expect a more racked one ?, funny how when the leggy arrived on the scene you did not tend to get such extreme pin tails......

  2. yes it certainly is quite a tail ! I know what you mean about the fin but it seems to be original; if it was an Aussie board it would have more of a slim raked fin. Someone's painted the fin black, I'll have to investigate whats underneath....