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Friday, 14 May 2010

Hawke bros single fin

Was having a look on Oz ebay for Hot Buttereds and noticed this beauty, swinging 60s in full measure ,if Austin Powers had a surfboard ...
Its made by Hawke bros, WA and is a little under 8ft x 23 ins , late 60s transitional .Would love to go for a cruise on this one.


  1. Al, must have missed this post from last year. i too had noticed it and as i grew up in WA felt compelled to put in a bid. it's been in my sister's house in melbourne for the last year, she and her arty friends luv it but it is time i get to enjoy it, so it's hopefully going to arrive in the uk in june. looking forward to riding it. i also have a 1964/65 hawke nose rider model.
    cheers, henry

  2. I'm a jealous man Henry, but I know it cost a bit. I can see why your sisters friends like it, a real work of art; enjoy it when it comes, Al

  3. Hi, I would love to buy this board and bring it home to WA. My Dad and my uncle made it.

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  5. Ive just taken possession of a Hawke board. Its about 9'6", raw with red insignia, Custom shaped by Natsy Hawke. Im hoping to repair small dings and get some waves.