Vintage Surf meet 2019 coming soon !

Vintage Surf meet 2019 coming soon !
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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Vitamin Sea by Chris Jones

Here's a lovely Vitamin Sea shaped by Chris Jones ,owned by Alex. Its got some really skilled airbrushing on, and while the underside has an intricate bubble design which must have taken ages, I really love the colour grades on the deck, relatively simple but looks great.
Alex says its from around 1982, shaped by the great CJ in Newquay. Alex did a board colour design story for Surf Scene around that time, and took lots of shots of these boards and the New Zealander sprayer ,plus boards from Tris, OM and Fluid Juice.

Vit. Sea sprayer Andy Cranston, Surf Scene 1981.

From Atlantic Surfer 1979.


  1. Loving the Vit Sea boards, bringing back memories of all those 90's windsurfing boards they did.

    We bumped into Tad on a windsurfing trip to Gran Canaria in 2000, he was shaping windsurfing boards for Proof He gave us a tour round the factory after my old pal recognised him. He was living on mainland Spain where his family remained while he was doing a trial period at Proof. He said he had enough of UK tax and legislation. He is no longer with Proof.

  2. hi, i have a vitamin sea board from the 70's its got the logo on both sides but is plain apart frpm that, there is also a tad shape logo, and there is a referece to charlie 'o', it could have had a mod on it, it has 3 fins the cetre one is changeable,
    kind regards John

  3. hi how much would my vitimin sea board be worth its a short board good condition original leash and 2 clear fins

  4. hi its likely to be worth between £70 and £150, a bit more if its got nice artwork. For a more accurate valuation send me some photos to ,Al