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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Keo surfboards

There were such a lot of surfboard makers in the UK in the 60s and 70s that theres still quite a few I haven't mentioned. One is Keo, who made custom and more affordable popout surfboards and kneeboards ,and bellyboards. I can't find anything out about Keo so can't be sure where they were made - Cornwall or Devon is a pretty safe bet. This one is from Alex's collection, an early / mid 70s single fin.

I picked this 70s Keo bellyboard up yesterday, like the logo and the wierd figure.


  1. Graham has come up with some stuff about Keo. It was started by Staurt Keogh (hence the name ) who owned the surf shop in Fore st Newquay near the entrance to the harbour. Keogh had a small local factory making boards under his name, both popouts and a few customs.

  2. Yep, there's a bit about them in Carl Thomsons "Surfing in Great Britain" in the section near the end on manufactor's. I have a Keo mal and a early 70's single fin, both definately hand shaped, so of the non pop-out variety.

  3. Keo boards where made in Newquay Cornwall

  4. my first ever board was a 4 ft orange round tail single fin Keo.... i was only 6 years old but i vaguely remember going into a place with my dad just round from the newquay train station maybe in or around Tor road.