Vintage Surf meet 2019 coming soon !

Vintage Surf meet 2019 coming soon !
Free to take part
We buy interesting old boards 60s/70s/early 80s in good condition. Email . Also wanted - Surfing UK , British Surfer and Surf Insight magazines .
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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

On the belly

The ace of clubs - a new addition to my small but growing collection of old bellyboards. The ace is from the 50s or 60s and has been customised by its owner, as many of them were. Looking forward to having a bellyslide this summer, especially on the hollow one.

Here's an old girl from Jim's collection, a Nymph surfjockey from the 40s era ?


  1. Al , The Unicorn was produced by Charles Pearce & sons in the late 60's /70's , It was made with a hi density foam core & is still Dick Pearces favourite board to ride ! He stopped making them because they were so labour intensive !
    ps, another jumble march !

  2. Cheers John, deinitely going to give the unicorn a go this summer. Look forward to the jumble, send us a poster if you do one, cheers Al