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Vintage Surf meet 2018 coming soon !
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Friday, 17 July 2015

Wave Graffitti 6'1 thruster for Carwyn Williams 1994

Its not often Im compelled to buy 1990s shortboards, but this is one I remember vividly from that time, mainly from the cover of Carve no2 ( which I still have in my small stash of mags from the early 90s) and from that classic Wave Graffitti ad with them holding the boards up in a circle, photo'd by Alex Williams. It was made for Carwyn Williams by Chris Beynon at Wave Graffitti in Swansea in 1994, part of a quiver of three with matching colours and graphics . Two were longer travel boards for Carwyn to use in France and the Canaries ; this one is 6'1 x 17 1/2 ,a more regular board but still for decent sucky waves in the 3-6 ft range so great for his favourite French breaks like Hossegor and Seignosse.
Being Carwyn's board , it got a lot of coverage in the mags in 1994 in photos and sponsors ads, and there are some great photos from that era taken by Alex Williams in Lanzarote and Hossegor.
What is amazing is the condition and originality of the board - it looks exactly the same as in the Wave Graffitti ads 20 years ago - same stickers, same deck grip - customised by Carwyn with lots of squares cut out. The last owner bought the board 2nd hand in the mid-late 90s from John Conway in Newquay , used it for a couple of years and then put it in the attic for 15 years.
 Carve magazine no2, 1994 , cover shot by Alex Williams of Carwyn in Lanzarote.

Carwyn ,  Hossegor 1994, Wave Graffitti photo shoot. photo Alex Williams
 Carwyn, Lanzarote 1994. photo Alex Williams

 Wave Graffitti ad from Wavelength mag, 1994 . Shot by Alex Williams in Hossegor.
 From Wave Graffitti shoot, Gabe Davies on the right.

 Carwyn's van, France 1994. Shows the quiver of three Wave Graffitti's made for him by Chris Beynon; the 6'1 and two longer, bigger wave boards.

Wavelength gear guide '94 features the board

Above - Seignosse 1994 photo Alex Williams.  Below with the quiver in Carwyn's campervan.

Lanzarote, '94 All photos Alex Williams


  1. That is a lovely board and u don't get a much better history than that! I think u would win top trumps on how many times a board has been advertised and photographed!
    Unbelievable condition if you ever get board of looking at it let me know! Lol
    When and where did u get it from?

  2. Cannot believe I had taken so many pics of it!

  3. Yes thanks for taking so many photos of it Alex ! you probably have more on file somewhere too. Ryan it was on ebay in newquay, I went round to have a look and she offered it to me.

  4. make sure carwyn sees this, send it to him on facebook