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Vintage Surf meet 2018 coming soon !
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Monday, 30 March 2015

9'4 Midget Farrelly longboard from 1967

Jeremy Oxenden sent me these photos of Eddie Luce and his `67 Farrelly board, after seeing THAT fin on it.
It`s exactly the same shape as the ones on Midget Farrelly`s first shortboards , indicating it was just about the last longboard he made before all-out production of 8` Vee-bottomed stubbys in  May 1967.
Eddies board has all the refinements of those last Malibu boards; it`s thin with sharpish rails, glassed with Volan cloth ( which gives a green tinge to the board ) and has wide rail overlaps.
The 225 on it is a Jersey board registration number, nothing to do with Midget!
The photos of Midget and his first stubby were taken at the November `67  Aus versus USA contest in Sydney. It was the first time the US guys had seen short boards. They arrived with concave noseriders and were overwhelmed to find surfing had moved on to a new level .
Also see Tony's article about the last of the malibus from 2014 here

Tony Cope,  26-3-15

The 3 photos say it all: Midget radical fin-out-of-the-sea forehand turn while an American kneel-paddles a mal. out in front of him; Midget being quizzed about the Oz stubby boards by one of the visitors, and lastly Midget`s fin ( and hand ) !

Below is footage of the Australian nationals earlier in 1967 .Although most riders were riding standard longboards, a few of the cutting edge 'power' or 'involvement' surfers were riding lightweight thin railed boards with modified fins , which turned tighter and had looser manouverability. Most notably Midget Farrelly and Nat Young. This was just before the 8ft stubbies  era kicked in.
Midget said after the contest -
''I felt quite inspired after watching some of the surfers at the Australian championships at Bells ....the kind of contest where people actually wanted to get out and get more out of a wave than before ... We have realised more and more that we are riding waves in our own way.''

Thanks to Tony, Jeremy and Eddie.


  1. Good post as usual Mr Lindsay and timely film as the 2015 bells competition is next week is it not

  2. Beautifull board and great footage! U cant compare modern day surfing with the style and grace of the 60's! Great post!

  3. thanks guys, you have Mr Tony Cope to thank for getting this post together. im just the 'publisher '!

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