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Vintage Surf meet 2018 coming soon !
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Friday, 27 February 2015

70s 'Kneetrembler' kneeboard

Thanks to Andy for sending in photos of his Kneetrembler kneeboard ! Kneetrembler (definition of a kneetrembler is having sex standing up !) are one of those mysterious UK board makers that little is known about. They made full size singlefins as well as kneeboards, and sold from Phil Jay's surf shop. Hardly any seem to have been made so theyre very rare.
Andy says - ''I bought the board from Phil Jay's surf shop in London (I went in on the train and came back with the board) . At the time I was reading surf mags about George Greenough and wanted a kneeboard. The board has a great design on the underside of mabye George surveying the waves ?''

The board plan shape seems to follow the fish designs of Steve Lis rather than Greenough spoons , and the shapely but thick wooden fin is a British take on Greenough's designs. Its a lovely board though, dating from around '74 / '75. Its always good to have an artwork and this one is very good, especially the scene rather than the figure. The wave looks a bit like Pipeline !

Bennett foam supplied by Tiki in North Devon. Was Kneetrembler from Devon too ? Anyone know ?

This Kneetrembler is part of the museum's collection. I think Pete asked Phil Jay about where they came from but he wasnt sure.


  1. Great kneeboard! Loving the fin!
    Someone must know where kneetrembler was from!

  2. thanks guys yes its a lovely board. Hopefully someone will remember the history of Kneetrembler !

  3. Kneetrembler = epic board!