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Vintage Surf meet 2019 coming soon !
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Friday, 30 January 2015

Carwyn Williams model by Nigel Semmens

This is Bill's 5'7 x 20 ,Carwyn Williams model 2 1/2 fin shaped by Nigel Semmens. These were the first Carwyn models produced , made before Carwyn moved over to shapes by Craig Hughes at Crab Island and then Wave Graffitti in the late 80s. These Semmens ones are very rare, and I havent seen another except my one. The Carwyn and Nigel (and Alder) partnership must have lasted a very short time, mine is no 2 , Bill's is no 9. Alder clothing was Carwyn's main sponser. I have not seen any old photos of Carwyn riding one of Nigel's boards either. The boards are short and wide 2 1/2 fins, no channels , excellent competition boards in mediocre British conditions.
These models probably aren't to be confused with Carwyn's personal riders, they were made based on his boards, but for sale to the public. Carwyn was already a big success in the early 80s with titles under his belt and photos in all the mags, so many young groms wanted to ride his boards.

Nigel Semmens with one of his boards from the same era, photo Alex Williams.

 Carwyn with friend and classic Craig Hughes 2 1/2 fin, late summer 1983

and the same board in an Alder ad, winter 1983/84.

Newquay Surf Classic ,early 80s, Carwyn powers off the bottom of a decent fistral face .Sequence by Alex Williams

 Another great Alex Williams shot , of Carwyn surfing at home in south Wales.
Ad from the Fosters Surfmasters comp. programme August 1984.

Learn to cutback with Carwyn -- from the Edge magazine June '86

 5'8 board by Craig Hughes on the left, and my earlier 5'10 model by Nigel Semmens on the right , numbered NS Alder 2 .

Thanks to Bill and Alex Williams .


  1. They are lovely looking boards! Have u still got them?
    I wonder if nigel remembers how many he made!

  2. yes Ryan Ive still got them. Nigel didnt seem to remember making the Carwyn model.