Vintage Surf meet 2018 coming soon !

Vintage Surf meet 2018 coming soon !
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Thursday, 18 December 2014

random photos

These are some photos I had saved on file for future use ; but there are enough of them to make a post of their own. Any credits I have missed out please let me know.
Freedom surfboards in the late 70s with a sweet swallowtail , and distinguished visitor Rick Griffin on the right.
British health and efficiency mag from 1974, cant make out the logo of the board though.
Sennen surfers, late 70s
Original Pure Juice advertising leaflet . These were made by Phil 'Jay' Jenkins, plus guest shaper Kevin Cross on a few . Thanks to Alex for the pic.
Austin Healey ' hardtop' surfwagon in South Africa
A lineup of great characters . We were very sad to lose Chops this year.

Pete Sandy and his Friendly Bear by Bob Head . Photo Alex Williams.
A very rare order form from Acorn surfboards, Swansea, late 60s.
Tiki singlefin with a Hewitt bros artwork
John Baxendale's photo of a North West surf club outing, late 60s. A great image of moggies and long raking fins.
A reader sent in this photo of his dad in the 70s and asked if I could make out the logo of his board . I couldn't -  can you ? The one one the floor is a Tris.
Airbush on a Kneetrembler kneeboard bought by Andy at Phil Jays in London in the 70s. Not a lot is known about Kneetrembler boards. They made stand up boards as well as kneeboards and were producing in the mid 70s.
Some classic 70s sticks here , including a nice Space Gypsy .Pat Kieran in the hat ,photo by David Lawley, North West surf club.
A rare Kon Tiki waverider, still in original packaging ! Made of Balsa it states ' on the wave rider no child can sink !'  . Nothing to say a child could get knocked off it by waves.
Vans of Pembrokshire surf club, possibly at Easky . John Hall's boards, and Bedford van.
A great workshop shot of Bob Powers surfboards early 60s, photo Jean Yeo.

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  1. Bob Powers worked for the Yeo family as a joiner in their building company, when he first came to N Devon from the midlands in the early 1960`s. He stayed with Alan & Babs Kift for a year until he bought Westacre, a manor house just outside Mortehoe on the Ilfracombe road, where this photo was taken in his surfboard factory. Bert Yeo ran the Yeo bellyboard factory from the end of WW2 until 1985. Mortehoe 20th century history is tied to the sea and the waves.