Vintage Surf meet 2018 coming soon !

Vintage Surf meet 2018 coming soon !
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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Roger Land singlefin from Treyarnon bay

This is Graham's board which has important links to Tigger Newling and Treyarnon bay. It was shaped around 1970 / 71.
Graham says - ' 6'10 x 21.5 x 3.5 Treyarnon Bay surfboard shaped by Roger Land. Im sure that you all know as well as I do that Roger taught / informed Tig's shaping abilities and ideas and then returned to NZ , not only as one of the NZ surf pioneers but also created a hugely successful one class racing yacht series as well I believe. I go it along with a lovely Bilbo 8'6 singlefin from a guy in Oxford about 20 years ago.
It still surfs and will be going to France with me this year. I wonder if there is a Tigger logo under the 'resin splodge' on the nose but I am not going to find. Love the little Kiwi drawn into the Treyarnon bay logo. Hope you like it '

I haven't seen one of these boards by Roger Land before but the shape is the classic s deck , rounded nose and small fin which is so similar to Tig shapes from this 70/71 era . So if you have a Tig which isnt signed Tigger then it will be by Roger Land. Tigger says about that year - 
'' The next summer I was busy enough to employ staff: Shaper Roger Land and Laminator Terry Lysaght were both very experienced kiwi board builders who somehow put up with a very green 18 year old boss. One afternoon we posed for our first publicity shot. It was inspired by Pink Floyd's Ummagumma album cover (designed by Hypgnosis). The one where all the band's gear is laid out on a runway. We emptied the greenhouse and laid all the tools and templates out on the lawn along with some boards and a pair of trousers which were so encrusted with resin that they stood up by themselves . The three of us standing there covered in dust - a true start-up cottage industry.''
Tig publicity photo 1970 , Tig in middle with Roger Land and Terry Lysaght

Tig down rail s deck from the same era

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  1. Fantastic! Love the promo shot from tig! :) these old shots are pure gold!