Vintage Surf meet 2019 coming soon !

Vintage Surf meet 2019 coming soon !
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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Outer Limits twin fin

James has sent in photos of his Outer Limits twin fin. This is a pretty interesting board, made by Martin 'Gearbox' Geary in Newquay in the late 70s, pretty much modelled on the Mark Richards twin fins . This one is 6'4 . It must have been one of the last Outer Limits made, and the only OL twinnie Ive seen ; production started around 1971 or 72 and didn't seem to continue into the 80s. During the late 70s Martin was pretty busy shaping for Piran , and by the early 80s he was working at Ocean Magic doing airbrushing / artwork amongst other jobs.
Crazy little man logo by Fuzz Bleakley

Pretty early looking fins hand foiled by Martin  ; before G&S starfins and multifins took over.

 Articles from the early days of Outer Limits, 1972 Surf Insight mag.

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