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Above photo - copyright Rennie Ellis photographer archive

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Bob Head Friendly Bear longboard

 Some of you may have a new or even an old board to unwrap tomorrow - if youre lucky and if your loved ones are supportive of your board collecting habits !
Im pretty sure there won't be one under the tree for me, but if I could wish for one this Friendly Bear would be near the top of my list .
One owner since new, bought straight from Bob Head at Mawgan Porth in the early 60s . It looks a great board , a bit more refined than the Friendly Bear put on the blog last month , and with resin tint designs making it an artful board too. The logo is a classic Californian beach boy - actually nicked by Bob from a Katin advert , with words from his own logo cut up and spread around. Looks cool though. Im hoping for a few more photos and history of the board soon. Will keep you updated.
 The board being dusted off after being brought down from the garage rafters
Katin shorts sew on patch, mid 60s
Bob shaping at the Mawgan Porth factory / shed
A Tris for Christmas ? If youre lucky ! photo by Traditional Surfing co.


  1. Interesting that no-one commented on this, or your last Bear board blog . Would have imagined a big reaction to these 2 amazing discoveries, but no..........

  2. Yes youd have thought there would be good interest. Mabye its the time of year and everyones out doing Christmas things and not looking at the blog . Or mabye its such a little known label that only a few of us are really excited about friendly bears and their history. ? Who knows

  3. But but don't you think more talking just draws more attention. This could be good or bad depending on your perspective!

  4. true AC , the more we talk about the label, the more people will start to look for them. But its good to talk, and we dont have a clue how many there are out there.

  5. Yabba dabba doo, reckon those Bears will keep hibernating till they warm up, Happy New Year all, my resolution is to not buy anything this year, and surf g-land and a few other spots off season, pull me up if I digress

  6. AC Pete, absolutely......but what the heck...... all is open for offers, accept my Chris Br......., got to catch up for a GG slide this year

  7. happy new year bluey . I thought your resolution last year was not to buy anything ? That one failed at the first temptation !