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Vintage Surf meet 2018 coming soon !
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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Bickers and Barland

A couple more Bickers boards have surfaced in the last few months, this being one of them. Sally sent the photos in; her dad Rex bought it new in the mid 60s, they think in Perranporth. (?) . This is a nice square fin log, probably getting on for 10 ft long and 30 lbs weight when new. Large logo on the deck means it was made in the earlier part of Bickers' short life span. Its not in bad condition really, although it looks like it has been left in the sun for a few years ! Got a healthy tan there. Back in those days there was no uv protection in the resin so most surviving 60s boards are brown. If your board has spent its life somewhere dark and dry then it might still be white ! And thats a rarity .

 Shaun at Trebarwith's Bickers. the one on the left is about as white and clean as you will see.

Another 60s board which looks like its seen a lot of weather is this great Barland Rott owned by Gerry in Jersey. Its a stubby v-bottom dating from around early 1968, with thin Greenough inspired fin made by Barland , possibly a flex fin, . The board is based on Bob McTavish's v bottoms of 1967 , and probably inspired by the Hot Generation of Aussie surfers who visited France at that time - Wayne Lynch, Nat Young and Evolution crew.(Also see the Klemm Bell v bottom featured a few posts ago) . A gold nugget in the history of French surfing ; shame the board's not in better condition, but it has survived that's the main thing.

Barland Rott was France's first surfboard brand, started in 1958 (and Barland still exists today). The association of two men - Jacky Rott and Michael Barland - who in the 80s invented the first shaping machine.
At the end of the 60s onwards France became well known internationally, especially at spots like La Barre and Guethary. The best surfers came to discover these and other spots, and often to help finance their travelling they would shape a few boards at Barland. Surfers like Bob Cooper, Mike Diffenderfer, Tom Parrish etc.

Great logo with French flair and rococo swirls. Thanks to Gerry and also Stephane for some info on Barland Rott.
Barland Rott brochure c.1965

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  1. Hey, i've miss this post... never seen a barland/rott like that one! and this logo!!! My barland Rott from the same time are very very differents (of course more classics) and this v-bottom must be rare... would love to know who is the shaper!!!