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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Boards for sale

 A collector in North Devon has some boards for sale all in excellent condition. This one is an 8ft Bilbo hull from around 1968, which looks to be in immaculate condition. It would be hard to find a better one and looks a fun board to ride. Offers around £500 , which seems reasonable if you've been keeping track of the prices old brown ones are going for on ebay.  Offers to scootersqueezes@hotmail.co.uk  .

A similar Bilbo from the pages of british surfer mag, 1969 ; although this is more of a pig shape with wide point back.

 SOLD 5'10 Ocean Magic twin fin by Nigel Semmens in Newquay, early 80s. Classic board with sharks mouth artwork and channels on the underside. Offers to email above.

 SOLD Early -mid 80s Fulmar quad, 5'10 again and shaped by Graeme Bunt in North Cornwall. Rare board in nice condition. Offers again to scootersqueezes@hotmail.co.uk

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  1. would like to buy some old surfboards for a ceiling display....any links or any takers?