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Vintage Surf meet 2018 coming soon !
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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Rare boards

 A few rarities which have surfaced lately. Some boards which I used to think were incredibly rare, like Bickers longboards, are beginning to crop up more regularly and we know of around 25 in existence now ; whereas this time last year we only knew of around half that. Every time I see another I'm stuck by how beautifully made they were , true English craftmanship . These boards were so strongly built that they are good survivors and hopefully a few more of them  are still out there somewhere.
This one is a beauty, probably a custom order with wooden nose and tail blocks and d-fin . Great colour designs too in tinted resin which must have taken a while to do. It was probably made around 1966. Jono who owns the board says it had  one owner from new, and was strapped to his relatives' garage ceiling in London for 40 odd years until he got it down and cleaned it up. More history on the board may be coming soon.

 Rare Ju by Paul Jury made in the late 60s. The qualityof these Ju boards is not as high as the bigger makers but they are very rare.
 Nice Creamed Honey by Kevin Cross with raspberry ripple acid drag, mid 70s .Great condition too, this one turned up in France


  1. Beautiful Bickers Boy16 December 2012 at 18:19

    £500 quid is about right for a nice one. by this time next year we will probably know of well over 50,out you come BICKERS,lets get the price down.

  2. Thanks for your comments beautiful Bickers boy. Nice name by the way . I think you are talking sense, they shouldnt just be affordable for the super-rich !

  3. Things are worth whatever somebody is prepared to pay. We all know of several Bickers that have changed hands for around the £1000 mark and I believe considerably more has been paid for Bickers and other very rare British surfboards. I'm sure as the interest in vintage surfboards grows, which it will, with the arrival of the British Surfing Museum values will only go up as they have with all other vintage and collectable things. at the end of the day we all want to get something for as little as possible and when it comes time to sell it we all want to get as much as we can for it. So good luck to the buyers and good luck to the sellers!

  4. Again a good point, rare and sought after things usually only go up in value.Bickers are still the most expensive old boards to regularly be bought here. Not to say there arent more desirable boards out there. They just havent turned up yet or are in 'not for sale' collections