Vintage Surf meet 2018 coming soon !

Vintage Surf meet 2018 coming soon !
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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Bellyboarding film 1930s

This rare and old piece of film reel was given to Shaun Boundy at the Trebarwith surf shop and he has transferred it to disc to preserve it. It shows summer in Cornwall in the inter war period and glimpses of bellyboarding at Trebarwith strand beach. At 0.34 it shows a guy at Bossiney beach holding one of the very early bellyboards made of planks, usually bought from the local coffin maker. At 2.30 they are trying bellyboarding on a much more familiar board, which hasn't changed for almost 100 years in basic design and will be seen a plenty at the Bellyboarding Worlds this sunday.
 The shop at Trebarwith, 1928

 Cornish surfing girl (Delabole beach babe !), 1930 with hire boards from 'Keat's shop' . Shaun's shop was owned by Cecil Keat up until the 2nd world war and supplied surf equipment for hire or sale. There's not many beach shops in the UK which have continually catered for surfers for the last 90 years ! The Cornish girl is very down to earth compared to the image of surfing in Aus or the US, illustrated here by Jayne Mansfield in a photo 'Jayne with surfboard' . What kind of surfboard is that ? more like a Hollywood film prop..

 Crest, 1950s/ early 60s ? Crest were made in Penzance, Cornwall. Below is a strange Woodward skimmer design 1970s with plastic channeled bottom. Mabye better as a sledge in winter ....
Many thanks to Shaun for sending the old bits in. Shaun I've lost your old email with details about the film etc, so let me know if you want to add more info. By the way - if anyone is emailing me at -I can't get onto this anymore so won't be able to answer you !

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